Premier League Permits To Restart Sports In The U.S.

Author: Mayra


Recently, the news of the Premier League 2020 season continuing from June 1 sent a wave of exhilaration amidst football fans. The Government of the UK shared a 50-page roadmap for uplifting the imposed lockdown. It stated that sporting and entertainment activities will resume if the COVID-19 rates don't see a sudden upsurge. Bundesliga – the German Football League also resumed on 16 May. This has paved the way for the restarting of sports activities in the U.S. as well.  

Why Premier League influences?

The Premier League of UK also called the English Premier League has 20 member clubs representing different cities and other parts of Europe. It is one of the best-known Leagues followed closely by football fans across the world. Unlike other European Leagues, it has high viewership in Asia and the United States. Clubs fight for the title and trophy and the players have a massive following. This League also widens the gap between other lower-level leagues. Thus, it becomes essential to begin other sporting activities soon. It is also one of the best-financed leagues in the world, having both media and players' attention. Top players see it as a big opportunity to showcase and earn. This brings along their fans that put a lot of effort in catching these matches live or telecast. Resuming the league has awakened the dormant interest of viewers as they keenly await it. It has impacted the U.S. sports and urged them to get back on racing tracks, practice arenas, and courses. The fans are focused on seeing other sports return soon and cheer for their favorites.

The League’s Plans for Resumption

After Bundesliga’s return two weeks ago, the players in England have been driving the Project Restart for Premier League. A virtual meeting took place on Monday between stakeholders discussing the plan of action. However, group practices have not been resumed yet, players agreed for non-contact training. Some major teams like Arsenal and West Ham have already begun distance training. News has surfaced regarding practice sessions opening from June 1. The tentative date for the beginning of matches is June 12 so far. But, speculations show that this could be delayed. The players are promised complete safety as high medical facilities will be made available to them. May 19 proved significant in the step by step development of bringing the League back. On this day, individual training of players began. The Premier League executive Richard Masters strongly affirmed that the process has begun, but we need to be flexible about the dates. Since the League plans on being back with a bang soon, they need to follow the Bundesliga’s model closely. This German Football league is all set to get over by June 30. 

Actions By The U.S.

The US sports leagues have been waiting to resume for long. Amidst the conditions getting worse during the coronavirus pandemic, this hasn't been possible yet. NBA, NFL, and MLB have awaited government directions for a restart for over two weeks. As President Trump signaled that crowds will be smaller for the games, there is a chance of getting sports back. Until recently there was no emphasis on this. But as the European nations like Italy, Germany, and the UK slowly open their sports facilities, the U.S. has decided to tread along. As the countries of the world eased restrictions, the U.S. also decided to open local training grounds and golf courses. The way for the Leagues to come back is long and uncertain, but the fans need it. The players want to get in shape for the competition and see their fans rooting for them. The madness of stadiums is going to be missed for a long time now. Only a handful of the audience will be allowed to view the matches. But everyone hopes to at least see a telecasted game this season. 

Players Returning To Games in The U.S.

Group practices and team training are still not open. But the players wish to get back to training after this two-month respite. You can't keep an athlete indoors and suddenly push him in competition. A certain level of fitness has to be attained. So to get themselves ready, players are turning to their local facilities. A few weeks ago, swimming practice resumed in South California where players took all safety measures. Swimmers kept a 10 feet distance as the team dived in the pool. All of them strictly followed their lanes and were careful about social distancing. Some NBA training facilities also opened lately where players are made to practice alone. No-contact training is a new norm until everything gets back to normal. The UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship and NASCAR plan to hold events. However, there will be no viewers for these games. Still, the people are excited to get to see their teams and players getting back.

This period of severe crisis has left people mentally starving for excitement and enthusiasm. In a country starved of the adrenaline rush, sports can bring the joy back. But it is impossible to ignore the pandemic threat and its potential to cause harm. The U.S. has already witnessed the worst hit by the coronavirus and would not want to dive into known danger. Thus the guidelines mention the social distancing norms every sports person returning to practice must follow. Tennis players can hit the shots but not play with partners. Direct contact has to be avoided under all circumstances. In basketball, players are not allowed to pass the ball but can shoot it. People should become used to no contact sports, played with face shields and protective equipment.

These are the norms for a new normal the entire world is supposed to get used to!



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