NFL Regular Season: Who Will Start The First Week For Miami Dolphins?

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To all the NFL fans eagerly waiting for the 2020 Game season, 2020 game schedules are out for Miami Dolphins! Scroll down.

This year, the Miami Dolphins have a game-changing decision to make: who among the two of their greatest quarterbacks will start the first week of the game season! On one hand, they have their very experienced player Ryan Fitzpatrick with passing yards- 32, 886, while on the other, they have their young and former-Alabama quarterback from Hawaii Tua Tagovailoa, who has proved himself valuable to the team within his limited playing years from 2017. 

Unfortunately, for the young player, in the first half of a November game last year, he suffered a right hip dislocation against their match with Mississippi State when he got tackled by two defenders. His recovery has been miraculously fast, according to his doctors. But the real question is: Will Tua Tagovailoa be able to take the responsibility of starting this year's season, against their game with New England Patriots?

Why Should Tua Tagovailoa Start This Year's Season?

Last year's win for the Miami Dolphins didn't prove quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick's A-game. The defense upped their game that included Byron Jones, Shaq Lawson, and former Patriot player Kyle Van Noy. 

There is an expectation that Tua Tagovailoa can beat quarterbacks like Gardner Flint Minshew from Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, Justin Herbert from Los Angeles Chargers and New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold. 

People are betting, Tua starting a total of 16 games would increase the win total for the Dolphins from 6 to 7. Add to that, for the young player to be able to play his offense right for the 15th match against the Patriots, one would much prefer to have some experience than none, which he can gain in Miami Dolphins' 1st match. 

Also, let's not forget the potential Ryan Fitzpatrick has.

How Beneficial Can Ryan Fitzpatrick Be To Start The 2020 Season?

The veteran player is a little unpredictable at his game and can bring a hesitance to the table. But looking at his career so far, his potential cannot be denied. The first five weeks of the game season can be brutal and pose a threat to Miami Dolphins with Tua more than with Fitzpatrick. The strong defenses from teams like the Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, and San Francisco can undoubtedly be a little hard for the young player to crack with his injuries from last season? Fitzpatrick looks like a viable option to start the season for the Miami Dolphins.

Famous Miami Florida sports columnist Barry Jackson however, recently wrote in his article talking to the Miami Dolphins front office that most likely Fitzpatrick will start this year's season. At the same time, they are keeping their options open for Tua Tagovailoa to show his potential and start in the middle of the season as a rookie. Fitzpatrick possesses more experience in years and an offensive game plan among all the other advantages than Tua. 

We say, let the best man begin!

On a side note, many of the fans are second-guessing this year's NFL season among the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. There is no news of season cancellation so far. Miami Dolphins' owner Stephen M. Ross thinks the NFL season is definitely on for this year.

2020 SCHEDULE          

Week 1 – 13 September 1:00 PM EDT, Gillette stadium: New England Patriots

Week 2 – 20 September 1:00 PM EDT, Hard Rock Stadium: Buffalo Bills

Week 3- 24 September 8:20 PM EDT, Tiaa Bank Field: Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 4 - 1 October 1:00 PM EDT, Hard Rock Stadium: Seattle Seahawks

Week 5 – 11 October 4:05 PM EDT, Levi’s Stadium: San Francisco 49 ers

Week 6 – 18 October 4:05 PM EDT, Empower Field: Mild High Denver Broncos

Week 7 – 25 October 1:00 PM EDT, Hard Rock Stadium: Los Angeles Chargers

Week 8 – 1 November 1:00 PM EST, Hard Rock Stadium: Los Angeles Rams

Week 9 - 8 November 4:25 PM EST, State Farm Stadium: Arizona Cardinals

Week 10 – 15 November 4:05 PM EST, Hard Rock Stadium: New York Jets

Week 11 - BYE

Week 12 – 29 November 1:00 PM EST, MetLife Stadium: New York Jets

Week 13 – 6 December 1:00 PM EST, Hard Rock Stadium: Cincinnati Bengals

Week 14 – 13 December 1:00 PM EST, Hard Rock Stadium: Kansas City Chiefs

Week 15 – 20 December 1:00 PM EST, Hard Rock Stadium: New England Patriots

Week 16 – TBD Allegiant Stadium: Las Vegas Raiders

Week 17 – 3 January 1:00 PM EST, New Era Field: Buffalo Bills



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