NCAAF Picks and Predictions: 2020 SEC

Author: Mansi


College Football is a North American Football match consisting of student-athletes. These athletes are mainly from American Universities or military academies. It is also referred to as Canadian Football comprising student-athletes from Canadian Universities. But it isn't second to professional football. Though many consider it to be the second tier of American Football in America and that of Canadian Football in Canada. In some places, it is more popular than professional football.

College Football is where a player's performance directly impacts his chances of playing professional football. The best collegiate players typically declare for the professional draft after three to four years of collegiate competition.

The Southeast Conference or the SEC is presently at the top of college football. It takes an interest in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I in sports rivalries.

In the last season, LSU defeated Clemson for the National Championship. But the question of this season is on our heads now.

Alabama is the top contender and the fan-favorite. Their performance has been the center of attention in the tournament. But even still, we have a lot of spaces for upsets and turntables.

Many people are making predictions, and also are placing bets on the winning horse. It may be a little early to discern how the tournament will go on, but we have some speculations.


The least likely to win.

First, we consider the teams that have the least chances of victory. Their chances are so slim that maybe even they don't hope to win this year.

Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Missouri, South Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi State, and Tennessee. These teams in the given order are predicted to be the least likely to win. This is due to their performance in 2019. Here is the list of their performance in the previous season and the win-loss prediction for the future.

  • Vanderbilt: 2019 record: 3-9 – 2020 Prediction: 2-10.

  • Arkansas: 2019 record: 2-10 – 2020 Prediction: 2-10

  • Missouri: 2019 record: 6-6 – 2020 Prediction: 4-8

  • South Carolina: 2019 record: 4-8 – 2020 Prediction: 5-7

  • Mississippi State: 2019 record: 6-7 – 2020 Prediction: 5-7

  • Ole Miss: 2019 record: 4-8 – 2020 Prediction: 6-6.

  • Tennessee: 2019 record: 8-5 – 2020 Prediction: 7-5

  • Kentucky: 2019 record: 8-5 – 2020 Prediction: 8-4

The predictions do not favor any of these teams into winning this year.

Those who have a chance

The rest of the teams have a little or more shots at victory. While LSU may have swept the board with 15-0 in the previous season, this season predictions are short of making it a top contender. Oddsmakers expect them to have a season of 9 wins to 3 losses. The team has now to fill in new players because 12 from their team were drafted for the NFL. Their chances, due to this, maybe slim, despite being the defending champions.

Auburn is near it, with a projected score of 8-4. They may have some trouble filling in the hollow left by the players drafted for the NFL.

Texas is one of the favorites of the oddsmakers at Betonline. They are the dark horses this season. They are predicted to have a cool score of 10-2. Texas possibly has an easier schedule this season. 

Georgia and Florida are the top two contenders for the throne of SEC East. Florida Gators are seen as a big team that has high chances of victory. Their projected result for this season is 11 victories out of 12. This means they may emerge as the champions.

The Georgia Bulldogs are also the big guns of the tournament. They might emerge to be champions, but the oddsmakers have them among the top three for sure. They will have to face off Florida Gators and Alabama Crimson Tide, both of which appear stronger than them on the paper. But we should not underestimate them. Their projected score is the same as Florida at 11-1 in the coming season. They also lost a lot of talented players last year and have to figure out how to replace them.

The predicted champions

Most Alabama Crimson Tide as the potential champion of this season. The odds are best in their favor, and to a limit that it might not be wise on betting on them. Though they lost some good players, their roster remains strong. Oddsmakers believe them to win the season with a 12-0 performance in this season.



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