NFL: Who Head Coaches Are On The Hot Seats?

Author: Mansi


Few coaches got the tenures of the hot seat and few are still warm. Good or bad any type of coaching, after all, depends on matches won, and also progress done by the team. 

Let us take a look at the list of coaches who are on the hot seat this season.   

1 Doug Marrone, Jacksonville Jaguars.

Among many interesting decisions that we heard about the NFL in this offseason, Doug Marrone opted to continue with Jacksonville Jaguars was a surprising one.  Before Jaguars, Doug Marrone was the head coach of the Buffalo team.

Except for the AFC title, Jaguars under Marrone didn't have any other significant achievement. Despite having big names in the team, Jaguars were pretty ordinary for a few years. He still has a chance, but we already have seen enough of him. Maybe now is the time that he would also be fired from the league.

2 Dan Quinn, Atlanta Falcons.

We all have faced the hard times and losses too when it was most unexpected. The same happened with Dan Quinn. He was going well with the Atlanta Falcons and suddenly, they were beaten terribly by the New England Patriots and after that, they never came back from that loss.

Now as each coin has two sides, in the same way, we can look at this scenario with two standpoints. Dan did pretty well for Falcons and helped him to have a great season in 2016. When Dam entered, that situation was not that easy for the Falcons. 

He first stopped their losses and later helped them to improve their game. Now the Falcons have gained momentum and are looking much better and confident. So, it will be interesting to see how this season will be for Dan Quinn.

3 Matt Patricia, Detroit Lions

Matt Patricia when started with Detroit Lions they 9-7 and in the duration of a couple of years, he managed to make it 6-10. He was managing a team in a good but luck wasn't in his favor as his team had a high number of injured players. However, Many coaches were fired for producing the same results, so it does make sense to resume with Matt Patricia.

Even, if we agree on the injuries issue still Matt didn't make any good players. He focused little more on the offensive players and neglected on the defensive side of the team. This is the reason they had previous defense passing last year and also ended up in the 31st position. Which is very poor if we look at the players who played as a defensive shield of the team. 

4 Adam Gase, New York Jets

Adam was picked as he was well known for some of his aggressive offensive techniques. But however, he was never a very interesting option though, as he was picked for his good offensive moves all he managed for New York Jets were an unexpected result of 23-25 against Miami. Gase had an average of almost 18 points each game throughout his career for New York. 

They were always found at the bottom of the table and never had huge hopes to go big. Cincinnati Bengals and Washington Redskins were the only teams with which they had so-called competition in the league. 

We have now witnessed almost all game plans and offensive techniques of Gase. Maybe he has something to prove but currently, he is certainly among the top players who qualify for the hot seat list for this season.

5 Matt Nagy, Chicago Bears

Some coaches look very promising at the start and the team keeps high hopes from them. To start the season well and to continue doing well throughout the season are two different things. Matt Nagy had a similar story as such. 

He started exceptionally well by winning the Coach of the year award. Gradually things changed for him after giving such a brilliant start he was not able to maintain it. He lost his way, and now he is on the hot seat list. He started with the Chicago Bears to the 12 wins and now he has just managed 8-8 this season.

He didn't look much confident with his plans and ended up making a terrible mix up with offense and defense. The kind of players which he had in his team should have done a lot better.

Now it will be very interesting to see how many coaches would be changed and which team will do better this season.



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