NFL 2020 Season: Rookie Value Bets For The NFL Picks

Author: Mansi


The NFL 2020 season is all set to get started in a span of a couple of months. If we enjoy any tournament, we simply cannot wait for that tournament to get started. Right now all we can do is to predict some worthy picks for the NFL 2020 season. 

Currently, there is a crisis going around the globe so if any sports starts people will be able to distract themselves. Of course, we cannot go to the stadium and watch the matches live, but after a sudden gap, we can now watch live matches. To pick the best bets, we can do it from our home as well.

Right now, the situation is very complicated to pick the top bets. At the same time, we have got extra time to find some better rosters. So here we have the best picks for you for the NFL 2020 season. Let us check how much your list and our list of the top rookie bets do the NFL 2020 season matches.

How good can Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB) be for the  Kansas City Chiefs?

If we look at the history of the NFL, we had a few good running backs in early 2000 to 2010. Now things have changed, and now all the teams almost focus on improving their attack over follow back. This has helped many teams to improve their attack and work on better positions for the players.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire is always a good pick. He brings much more than just offense to the game. When we imagine a player like Clyde Edwards-Helaire, we look at his attitude and charisma which he brings. More than that he is a trustworthy player on whom you can count at the critical moments of the game.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire had his own share of luck. He got the opportunity to perform when Chiefs were struggling with injuries of their star players like Damien Williams, Patrick Mahomes, and LeSean McCoy. He grabbed the opportunity with both hands as he has a great set of skills and knows how to deliver his best in the red zones. 

Looking at his current form we can expect a good average from him. The important thing for him is his workload management. NFL 2020 is going to be played for long and injury possibilities are always around the corner. However, Clyde Edwards-Helaire is going to be a value bet for the NFL 2020 season.

The reasons why CeeDee Lamb(WR, Dallas Cowboys) is going to be a valuable pick

Two vital teams to look forward to this season are Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys. CeeDee Lamb has a huge responsibility on his shoulders to.perform well for the Dallas Cowboys. He did exceptionally well for the Cowboys in the previous season, but he has to prove himself again to be an established player for the Dallas Cowboys. 

He is going to be assisted with a few best players around him. Amari Cooper and Micheal Gallup are currently best in the business which would turn helpful for CeeDee and ultimately for the Cowboys.

Lamb has some exceptional skills while he is attacking, but to add the cherry on the cake he can provide good screening also he has a good sense of rotation, and he can read the situation very well. In short, Lamb is the complete player that Cowboys desperately needed for a few years. Right now he is having expectations from everyone, and we hope he would be able to stand on them. 

Know why Chase Young (Edge) can be a key player for the Washington Redskins

If we look at the players who made it big in the NFL had some good qualities like physical fitness, reliable defense, and firing offense. When we look at Chase young, we can say that he has got everything that is required to be the next big thing. Chase Young is a brilliant athlete with good skills. Chase had a problem with his defense in the past, but now he looks improved and a lot better than before. He can surely I.prove his stats as that doesn't justify his talent.

We are comparing him right now with a few big names of the NFL. He surely has that potential to achieve that milestone. But the game is not about the potential, it is about the performance. One thing about talent is that you have to prove yourself every time to become a legend. Talent players are matchwinners but not consistent. If talent and consistency combine it becomes a lethal weapon for the opponents. Chase Young can definitely be that thing for the Washington Redskins.



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