College Football Season 2020: Best Longshot Bets

Author: Mansi


History was created on Monday when The LSU Tigers won the national championship. It was the fourth time LSU Tigers have won the championship. 

If we looked at various performances from the last couple of seasons, we simply can't ignore the standout performance of Joe Burrow. It was like a dream season for him and it is very hard for us to witness something like this again. 

Even after such brilliant performance and dominance showed by Joe Burrow, Bayou Bengals are still not the favorites this year for the national championship. Interestingly, odds are in favor of the Clemson Tigers, and they can make it for the third time in the span of five years is the prediction.

Clemson is the primary choice for winning the championship this season.

Prediction of the team winning the championship is not done by on paper name of the players, but the impact they bring in the game. If we talk about Tigers they are going to play with Trevor Lawrence, he is a brilliant player, and he is the number one quarterback player and also the first-choice player for the upcoming seasons in the NFL drafts.

Things don't stop here for the tigers, they went on to sign Dabo Swinney who is currently a high rated player and will be even more dangerous when he will play alongside Trevor Lawrence. The majority of the teams are having a competition, and a list of various contenders, but when you look at the Tigers team you don't feel like they will have any contenders this season. Ohio is having a very tough schedule while heavyweights teams like LSU and Alabama are playing in SEC West which is the group of death they also have Auburn to compete with. 

Tigers will have a tough match against Florida and after that, there won't be much of a competition for them. They still have an upper hand against Florida State and might even win against them. So, it will be quite easy for the Tigers to make it big this season.

After the league stage, Tigers will have to face South Carolina which may be tough for them, and also, they might have a match against Notre Dame both of the games will be interesting to watch out for. However, looking at the Tigers side they may win this encounter as well.

Alabama is still the dark horse in the 2020 season for the long shot.

Alabama is a very consistent team in this championship they have made it to the playoffs every time for the past 5 years. 2019 was the only year when they failed to make it to the playoffs. It was still very unfortunate for them as they had many players injured last season. Right from their defense to their star QB Tua Tagovailoa everyone suffers from injuries. 

Injuries affected their play, so they couldn't make it to the playoffs still they had done pretty well to make it in the list of top 10. So overall Alabama is the most consistent team from 2014. 

Alabama has a very quality defense, and under the likes of Tha Tagovailoa, they all are set to do well. Tua may not be available for this season along with some other key players, but still, nothing to take away from their quality side. They look as lethal as they were. If any other had lost the key player, they might panic, but not with Alabama as they have Mac Jones who has done pretty well whenever he got the opportunity.

Ohio State is one of the unfortunate teams but you can still see the going long.

Ohio State did pretty well under Ryan Day. There was a time when Ohio was almost unbeatable under the leadership of Urban Meyer and Ryan Day is just carrying that streak forward. They have almost created a fort which is very hard to capture. The Buckeyes didn’t miss a beat in their first season under Ryan Day. 

This time Ohio State has a critical challenge in front of them, the schedule is a bit hectic and would cause them to trouble this season. If you look at their opponents they will face Oregon, Michigan State, and Penn State that too almost in the span of a couple of weeks. They may lose a few matches which will make their journey of the 2020 season a bit complicated.



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