The Sports Stalwart Jim Kiick Dies at 73

Author: Sonali


James Forrest Kiick, the American professional football player died at the age of 73. The former All-Star running back passed away in Wilton, Manors Florida. On June 20, Saturday. Kiick was an American professional football player who was the one to have led the Dolphins to win two Super Bowls. With the help of Mercury Morris and Larry Csonka, he is the one to have led the Dolphins to a dominant position in the team during the 1970s. He has been active in the American Football Leagues through 1968 to 1969 and National Football League from 1970 through 1977. He was not there in the NFL as he was playing in the World Football League at the time.

Kiick’s career.

Kiick began with his career in 1968 with the Dolphins. Playing with the Dolphins, he became one of the most sports stars soon. For the most part of his career, he has played with Dolphins and has made a tremendous impact on his fans and everyone around. Kiick has had encounters with some really great moments both in the locker room and in the fields. However, he could not make it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but he very much helped the Dolphins in winning Super Bowl VII and VII.

It was in the second year of the common draft that Kiick became a part of the dolphins. Once he was there, gradually he made a smart duo with Larry Csonka. Both have their special powers on the field. While Kick was incredible in Miami’s offense, Csonka was made the Hall of Fame.

Kiick's Impressive stats.

The two-time Australian Football League had been quite impressive for the era in which he had played. He had to his name leading the NFL with nine touchdowns in 1969, 621 yards (0.57 km) & four touchdowns as a rookie. In addition, through his seven games with the Dolphins, he rushed for 28 rushing touchdowns and 3,644 yards (3.33 km).

In the 1974 WFL Draft, in its third round, the Memphis Southmen drafted Kiick. And, in the world football league, Kiick together with Csonka became a part of the World Football League. After returning to the NFL season, he then was with the Denver Broncos for the 1976 and ’77 seasons. Kiick played with the Washington Redskins in his final season.

Kiick’s Health.

It is said that Kiick had suffered many challenging health issues. Since 2016, he has been with an assisted living facility and has suffered dementia. For all the years he played football, it took a toll on his health. Years ago, Kiick was diagnosed with the CTE symptoms and gradually his health kept on deteriorating. More so, he also suffered some kind of scars and holes in his brain.



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