Top NFL Quarterbacks to Watch this Season

Author: Sonali


In the last few years, quarterbacks in the National football league have seen a drastic shift. Quarterbacks like Carson Wentz, Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, and Lamar Jackson-have brought about freshness in the game. With the league only a few days away from returning to the fields, fans are really excited to know about the most powerful quarterbacks to watch this season. This season with some really competitive quarterbacks, we would definitely witness a couple of amazing face-offs.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some top quarterbacks to watch this season. Let’s have a look at:

  1. Patrick Mahomes.

It should not sound surprising that this season if there is one quarterback who can successfully replace Brady, it is going to be Chiefs, ' Patrick Mahomes. No one can say that he might decline any time soon — indeed he will keep bettering himself with every other game. Regardless of the current position, Mahomes is the football player to talk about. In most positions, he had played the most pivotal role. Per the latest records, since he became the team's full-time starter during 2018, his average goes to 38 touchdowns, only 8.5 interceptions per season & 4,564 yards (ca. 4 km).

Playing the starter in his first season, he won the most valuable player (MVP). In the game, he became the second player in history to have thrown 50-plus touchdowns and 5,000-plus yards — all in a single season. Later in 2019, he followed a similar stance and led the Chiefs to a championship with his exemplary gameplay. With all that, Mahomes has an even higher winning percentage than Tom Brady including the playoffs.

  1. Lamar Jackson.

Jackson led the Ravens to the top seed in the AFC, playing the first full season as a quarterback. For the game that he played, he deserved that MVP trophy and a lot more. He averaged 7.8 yards (7.13 m) per attempt in 15 games and completed 66.1 percent of his passes, going 13-2. Jackson led the league in touchdown passes with 36, despite the fact that he attempted only 401 passes (26th), posted a 113.3 passer rating, and threw six interceptions. With 1,206 yards (1.1 km), Jackson broke the single-season rushing record for a quarterback. In the present NFL, there is no quarterback like him. In the next season, he can improve extensively as a passer and can grow better in the offense. Jackson is all set to get into a full-swing for the next decade to come.

  1. Russell Wilson.

Currently, Wilson is among the three top quarterbacks and the best deep-ball thrower in football. He became a part of the National football league back in 2012 — since then, without missing any game, he has won 86 games & has thrown for the fifth-most touchdowns and the seventh-most yards. It is only Brady who has won more games than Wilson in that kind of career span. It was only Cam Newton who had rushed for more yards since 2012 quarterbacks. Wilson averaged 33.3 touchdown passes, 7.7 interceptions, and per season 3,847 passing yards per season since 2017. In the later years, he completed 31 touchdowns, 66.1 percent of his passes for 4,110 yards (3.76 kilometers), and five interceptions, and a 106.3 passer rating. Wilson’s consistency can be a concern for the opponents — he can probably cause more damage this season.

  1. Drew Brees.

At the age of 40, Brees completed a league-high 74.3 percent of his passes, threw a touchdown on a career-high 7.1 percent of his passes, averaged 7.9 yards (ca. 7 meters) per attempt, and generated a passer rating of 116.3. After getting knocked out of the against the Los Angeles Rams with a thumb injury on his throwing hand, Brees would be returning-to-the-play to join his 15th season in New Orleans. He would be all picking up where he left after the injury. Until when Brees starts feeling the effects of becoming older, he would remain one of the topmost quarterbacks of the national football league.

  1. Dak Prescott.

There’s absolutely no sense in rejecting Dak Prescott’s demand for a contract — he truly deserves. The 26 years quarterback completed 65.8 percent of his passes and averaged 944.5 passing yards per season, 24.3 touchdown passes, 7.6 yards (6.95 m) per attempt, and nine interceptions per season — all in four seasons which he had played so far. Since 2016, he has been ranked as the sixth in passing yards, tied for second in quarterback wins, and tied for ninth in touchdown passes. The way he has been the backbone of his team so far will necessarily mean that — he needs to be in the list of top quarterbacks for the season. He has played spectacular games throughout his four seasons.



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