What Buffalo Bills' Star Quarterback Josh Allen Needs To Improve?

Author: Mansi


Josh Allen is going to play his third season for the Buffalo Bills. This is a vital season for him and also for the Bills. Bills have a very strong defense through the league, but they need a strong QB to win them many matches. Josh Allen is that player who can play that role for the Buffalo Bills. In the second season, Josh Allen performed very well and showed a lot of improvements. However, Josh Allen needs to do a bit more than what he did in the last season.

Josh Allen is considered a potential player who can do well in the upcoming years. He is not among the best players, but he is good and can definitely improve. Now let us discuss some things which Josh Allen can improve and do well for the Buffalo Bills. 

More accuracy and improvement in the Deep ball:

When Allen entered he was good with his long throw, and he did pretty well with his skills in the NFL. With time, he lost his ability to throw with a big arm. Now he rarely uses his Deep ball ability which he has to improve to be a good quarterback. This problem generally requires the right technique rather than using more power. So this can definitely be worked on and changed.

In the last season, we have seen Allen clearly struggle with his deep ball accuracy. He missed the ball plenty of times and then it came to their defenders to keep them in the game. Buffalo Bills need a good QB and for that Josh Allen needs to certainly improve on his deep throw accuracy. 

Allen just managed to hit the target around 30 times out of his 100 throws and distance were about 20 yards. Now as a lead Quarterback you should have a throwdown average of 45% at least. So that we can clearly see that Allen is lacking, and he needs to improve a lot in this aspect.

Allen is good with Turnovers but, there is still scope of improvement for him.

The first season of Allen was not that impressive; he had many problems to work on, but he showed good improvement in the second season. This means that Allen is a quick learner. He had drastic changes in the stats if we compare the stats of season one and two for the Buffalo Bills. 

Allen has a good ability to run the ball. Allen was the best runner in the team and as a rookie, he has impressive numbers to justify this statement. However, some things went down for Allen in his second season. In 2018, we witnessed that Allen dropped the position of the ball almost right times, and this number doubled in the season of 2019. This is really a point of worry about a player like Allen who has to create a strong position in the team. 

Another thing to watch for Allen is his Touch and timing

Most of the players know the fact that timing is not all about elegance but it plays a very important role in hitting a home run shot and placing the ball. Allen as a key player never used his timing and touch ability to crack the defenders and find that weak zone in the opponents. 

As a young player, some mistakes are always acceptable to the players. But after some point, these mistakes turn out as a weak point. Allen puts less effort into long passes, and instead, he wastes his energy in short passes, which gives a benefit to the opponents. 

Allen needs less “Hero Ball”

Allen needs to get rid of his habit of playing the "hero ball". Allen also stated that he needs to improve on this and should stop playing it for the betterment of his team. Allen is a mature player, and he learns things pretty quickly. Buffalo Bills is a team that always won their matches due to their strong defense and when it comes to the offense they never had the luxury of best quarterbacks. Buffalo Bills think that Josh Allen is that player who can handle the situation with maturity, and he can bring calmness to the team.

Allen watches players like Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers who are best in the business in the field of Quarterback. Allen has a good approach towards improving his game, and this season is going to decide a lot for him and also for the Buffalo Bills. 



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