Premier League Week 30: Best Football Tips & Predictions

Author: Mansi


Week 30 of the English Premier League is all set to begin many weeks after it was originally meant to. Because of the coronavirus wreaking havoc across the world, the English Premier League schedule has been pushed back significantly. This only means that the fans across the world will be beyond happy for it to begin. If you were looking for predictions and tips on any and all of these matches, this is it! Check out our coverage for the stand out matches of this week - 

Manchester City versus Arsenal. 

The city has, as the outgoing champion of the league, quite a few tricks up its sleeves. While nothing can bring it closer to the title this year, it sure isn’t going to lose to the Gunners who are trailing at the 9th position of the league. Although the City lost to the United in their last match before the lockdown 2-0, their form is still much better than Arsenal. 

The reason City is much more likely to win - they have scored a formidable 68 goals this season, and have only lost four of their last thirteen home games, to only two other teams. While City’s defense is currently lacking, stopping their strikers will not be an easy feat for Arsenal. Arsenal has been defeated by City in every one of their past six matches. This game, expect City and Arsenal to score with the score reading 3 - 1 at the end.

Tottenham Hotspur versus Manchester United.

This watch has been awaited for a while with both teams being just a few points away from making it to the top spots which guarantee a Champions League position. Both teams appear potent with several players returning from their injuries. With both the teams, this game is likely to yield goals. It is likely that the match might end-up in a tie - the Spurs have a consistent record of scoring at home, and United has lately been finding it hard to keep a clean sheet. While people might be tempted to state that United could win this match, the lineups are likely to be reshuffled on both sides due to recoveries, which makes a tie more likely.

Brighton versus Arsenal.

Arsenal’s away record, especially in the South, is not one to boast about. In this pairing, it is likely that both sides will score but Brighton might stand the slightest chance to beat the Gunners. Brighton has won every time they played against Arsenal, in the past four meetings. Although Arsenal has won all of its past eight games across all competitions, its face-off against City is sure to put a dent in this record before they play Brighton. Brighton, on the other hand, has not won any of its last 9 games. While these stats may make it seem nearly impossible for Brighton to win, my prediction is the game ends in a tie. Brighton might be able to score that extra goal and win the match only because of Arsenal’s poor away record, and Brighton’s strong at a home record. 

Aston Villa versus Chelsea.

After one of the most interesting matches between these teams ending in an 8 - 0 win to Chelsea, it will be interesting to see how things have changed. There is no doubt that Chelsea is still a strong team, and Aston Villa's last match against them led to a loss of 2 - 1. The prediction for this match stays the same - it will end with a 2 - 1 or even a 3 - 1 score in favor of Chelsea. Chelsea has won all but one match at Aston Villa in the last 6 games played, and have a fantastic record of away goals being almost equal to the number of their home goals. 

Manchester City versus Burnley.

Another City game during the match week will make for a fascinating spectacle. Given the difference in the forms of the teams, it can be said with near certainty that Burnley isn’t coming into this match expecting to win or even tie with City. When you look at the stats, this fact is only cemented further. If you are looking to place your bets, you can do so confidently in favor of the City. Here is an impressive stat - City hasn’t lost to Burnley at home for the last 20 seasons. Twenty. With exactly double the number of goals that Burnley has this season, it is no doubt that City is losing at home this time. 



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