Who Will Begin Under Center For The Washington Huskies?

Author: Mansi


It's that time of the college football season when gunslingers (read men with gifted arm strength) battle it out for securing the top job across football teams in the world of college sports. The head coach, Jimmy Lake has moved a number of pieces around to try to get hold of top talent for his second year at the helm. The fight for the job is now a four-way battle between the alpha dogs of the quarterback quartet. 

Let's dive right into the analysis. 

Jacob Sirmon 

A talented behemoth, Sirmon is a four-star recruit who checks all the required boxes. He knows his way around the weight room and has been on the roster and the program for two seasons already. He did come out of a pro-style system and that makes things a bit easier for Jim Lake as he seeks to adapt the prevailing sentiment into his own system. He can read option spreads and can read complex offense plays without breaking a sweat. 

To make matters worse, he even put his name in the transfer portal before thinking otherwise. A good choice, in our opinion, as this man may not have the chops to get into the more dual-threat profile of many NCAA division 1 quarterbacks. He looks like the strongest horse in the race lineup. 

Ethan Garbers 

A real gunslinger and has the arm strength to succeed in a passing offense if given the right pieces moving forward. A genuine four-star recruit, he has been looking to get the mojo going if given the chance to succeed. He has also shown the required potential to adapt to changing offenses. The pandemic has put a real dent in his hopes for continuous game time, but things can turn in the quarterback’s favor. 

If we could give the coach some unsolicited advice, it would be to let his arm shine. He can take place from anywhere in the field, and that is a gift that the huskies should capitalize on. Beefing up the receiving corps to incorporate some speed into the game can boost the chances for Ethan Garbers for becoming a local legend. 

Kevin Thomson

Kevin Thomson is a dual-threat quarterback who is quick on his feet and can launch absolute beauties across the field. There are, however, concerns about his health. He is productive and knows how to chug yardage in the right games. It is pertinent to note that Kevin Thomson is a man with older legs and at 25 years many teams may not be too enthused to back him. Considering these are the conditions that he is facing, Thomson may take everyone by surprise by playing a robust dual-threat game. 

This can put tremendous pressure on inexperienced defenses who will stall to pull the trigger in defining plays. This scenario is especially one of trouble when we consider a dual-threat quarterback who can punish defenses for decision-making delays. However, the question remains if age has shaved off a few clicks of his speed. However, with the right mentorship, he can become a potent force to reckon within the coming season.

Dylan Morris

If one were to take a casual look at Chase Morris, they would think as if they were looking at Kyler Murray. Both of these quarterbacks share some similarities in their game and look to prolong their game by scurrying around and making impossible plays. Dylan Morris may not have the stereotypical Washington quarterback appearance but can pack a punch if given the chance. 

The coaching staff will have to look at altering their defense to suit their quarterback’s needs. He is a wild card player and young but this is an opportunity for the coaching staff to mold a player. He is what one would consider raw talent with all the right tools in his arsenal and can be a real game-changer for the Huskies. 

So there you have it folks, a comprehensive analysis of various scenarios that may play out in the next few months at the husky camp. As always there is a significant challenge for the coaching staff to make the right call as there is a factor called ‘luck’. But they are all prime recruits who came to the university with an intention to play there and make a name for themselves and it is up to everyone involved in the team to make things happen as the season goes on. 



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