Can Anyone From The Cleveland Browns Team Win The 2020 NFL MVP?

Author: Mansi


The Cleveland Browns are a star-studded team on paper.  With Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, Greedy Williams, Jarvis Landry, and Odell Beckham Junior in the mix, one can forgive if someone mistakes this team to be a part of the all-star team roster released at the end of every season. That is why one of these players can win the MVP title. 

The Cleveland team has almost everything going for it - speed, physicality, experience, and a franchise quarterback. If the front office along with the new coach in Matt Stefanski can weave some magic - things may change. So without further ado, lets deep dive into a SWOT analysis of various candidates. 

  1. OBJ - Without a doubt, OBJ still has the props, and chops to win MVP honors. The LSU superstar joined the Browns amidst considerable fanfare, and he has had a so - so time at Cleveland so far.  A prolonged injury kept him out of his zone for much of last season but still had great numbers by the end of the regular season. He has been hard at work for much of the offseason collaborating with Cam Newton and looks primed and ready for the next season. Matt Stefanski’s passing game coupled with a possibly resurgent passing game, OBJ is the ‘man’ that we should bet on. 

  1. Baker Mayfield - Baker Mayfield has always been a dark horse right from his time at the University of Oklahoma to his time at the Browns, Baker has not been able to inspire confidence in the old faithful of football. Baker is essentially a system player even though he tends to run around with the ball. There have been instances where Baker has combined extremely well with Odell and Landry to showcase some moments of magic. This is something that Matt has to keep in mind if he wants to get the best out of his quarterback. One thing that still plagues Baker’s game repertoire is that he isn't the most accurate passer of the ball which may lead to a number of issues if the Browns seek to implement their aerial plans. He isn't a game general, but he could be a great improviser if given the freedom to run around, improvise, and create big plays. 

  1. Nick Chubb - Let’s face it - Baker Mayfield hasn't exactly been the strongest Quarterback around when it comes to pinpoint accuracy. In situations like this Chubb has had to step up, and carry the brunt of the burden on his back. He has had exceptional numbers racking in more than a thousand yards last season. With longevity being a key factor in his success, he manages to play for the entire season even though the position is one that is wrought with operational risks. With yard production that is phenomenal even for an NFL caliber player, he remains a strong contender for the honors. 

  1. Jarvis Landry - When Jarvis Landry signed on, it feels like the deck was complete any which way we would look at it. Jarvis Landry has always been a trump card or a flex card in madden terms. He combines excellent route running and has exceptional hands. A combination of these skills is hard to come by in today’s wide receiver markets because wide receivers are usually one-trick ponies who specialize in one single aspect of being a great wide receiver. It is also pertinent to note there is a need for someone like Jarvis Landry to play an able second fiddle to Odell Beckham Junior. His primary roles, so far have been in blocking, route distraction. One way he can pull away from OBJ is by staying healthy and can benefit from simply turning up to work. A real yard chugger - he has a proven track record for taking complicated catches and can prove to be a real clutch player for the Cleveland Browns. 

  1. Greedy Williams: Greedy Williams is a young cornerback coming out of the Bayou. He has great athletic ability, great speed, and most of all a tenacity that few other cornerbacks and wide receivers can match. He has great physicality and harnessing the same will be a major challenge for Greedy, especially when he goes to head with wide receivers in open play. With a 360-degree ball sense and an instinctive reader of the ball, he is a man who strikes fear into opposing QBs virtually shutting out any aerial game that the opposition seeks to bring into the game. It is also interesting to see how we can combine with Denzel Ward to create a potent defensive force. 


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