NFL's COVID-19 Testing Protocols not Meeting the Standards?

Author: Sonali


The league has already canceled the August’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony and the games that accompany it — the game between the Steelers in Ohio, and the Cowboys. With the soaring number of COVID-19 cases throughout the United States, the question still hovers around — whether the camps will start on time as decided or not? And, this concern could be way bothering after knowing that the NFL has no staunch COVID-19 testing system in place.

NFL 2020 & the COVID-19 testing.

The only way we can think of NFL 2020 resuming is with a slew of workable widespread testing schemes. And, with the knowledge of the league not having any system in place for COVID-19 testing the 2020 NFL season looks impossible.

We know that the COVID-19 is not just limited to the audience and the public & it can spread anywhere if precautionary measures are not taken. And, with many Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans players getting infected with COVID-19, the concern has arisen. This can affect everyone including the players, coaches, other staff, and the family members who are going to travel with players.

Attendees & their safety during the Game.

Some real standard testing rules before it begins — are necessary. Testing must be done at a bigger level or the game might not possibly happen. This is also about the attendees’ safety. According to a recent report, only a limited number of attendees will be allowed in the stadium. The first row will be kept empty as a part of players’ safety.

But, keeping with the incessantly increasing number of COVID-19 cases throughout the United States, it is important that we have a strong systematic COVID-19 testing scheme in place. With some of the most affected places including Florida, California & Texas — this has to be the primary consideration for the league. Without a testing system in place, the virus can spread uncontrollably throughout the NFL.

Major COVID-19 Concerns for NFL.

However, the NFL has been essentially positive about playing the full 2020 season, but the way preparations and policy changes in the medical & safety protocols look, do not support the league’s idea of the full season. In the wake of COVID-19, there has been a complete shift in how sports are being played across the world. The pandemic has almost frozen sports and with major philosophical shifts, medical interventions, business concessions, and major policy changes — leagues across the globe are trying to reopen. But, the NFL looks not prepared, and they do not look up to the required standard. With increasing COVID-19 cases, the NFL claims for the full season seems to be fading.

The owners have had a discussion on the 13-page joint memo with the NFL Players Association plan for training camp and beyond. A part of this plan is about the prior conditions to be fulfilled before getting back into team facilities. The plan looks the same as other leagues with the NFL placing employees into different tiers with only limited access to facilities & buildings. Let’s see if the picture will evolve over time or the NFL will have to pay for not getting things not in place as planned.


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