Will Colin Kaepernick Or Antonio Brown Land The NFL Contract In 2020?

Author: Mansi


After some injustice meted out to the two NFL players, the question on everyone’s minds now is which of them - Colin Kaepernick or Antonio Brown - will land a contract first this year? This comes with a caveat that it could be neither of them gets a contract.

Odds for Comeback Player of the Year Going Strong

Sportsbooks have been busy coming up with the odds of both of these players winning the AP’s Comeback Player of the Year award. All of this seems a bit premature, given that neither of them has signed a contract with a team. Both of them will be great additions to their teams, as they have both played at least one Super Bowl game. Brown reached the Super Bowl in his rookie year with the Steelers and Kaepernick led the 49ers to the Super Bowl XLVII. 

Both of their careers have been in the spotlight recently. Kaepernick is being shown renewed interest due to the Black Lives Matter protests - his activism of taking the knee four years ago got him in a lot of trouble. The protests this year shed light on how the league’s treatment has been horrible towards him. Especially, when all he was doing, was protesting against police brutality. Brown’s raising eyebrows as he has been working out with various quarterbacks recently and posting videos of his gameplay as well.

The NFL disgracefully threw out Kaepernick after the end of the 2016 season. While the league never took an official stance, it was clear that none of the teams in the NFL could sign him again to their rosters. The 49ers moved on from their quarterback and no other team signed him on. This is despite Roger Goodell being vocal about their stance on Kaepernick. Of course, this only came after the Black Lives Matter protests took center stage. He apologized for the league’s stance on taking the knee and encouraged teams to sign Kaepernick. Teams such as Los Angeles Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, and Tennessee Titans to name a few, have all been identified as possible landing spots for him.

Brown has gotten the rumor mill churning

Brown is in the news for entirely different reasons. After he released a workout video with Russell Wilson on his social media, the NFL media and betting circuits were in a frenzy. Assuming that his comeback was closer than ever, the speculations of his landing team, have been high. By virtue of working out with Wilson, the Seahawks seem to be interested in Brown. Wilson also stated that he would love it if Brown was signed by the team.

Brown also worked out with a backup Geno Smith, adding more merit to the Seahawks wanting him. Before this social media outburst, Brown looked like he was headed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because of his friendly relationship with Brady. But then he was spotted with Lamar Jackson, so the Baltimore Ravens became another probable team. 

Houston also became a possible team, when Brown was seen with the Houston QB Deshaun Watson. The team could really do with a few elite players, and Brown would fit in perfectly to catch Watson’s passes and play a decent game. The team’s odds went right down after O’Brien traded one of the team’s best players, Hopkins, who Watson was a good fit with. Brown would definitely be an upgrade from Hopkins for the team. And the Texans are at an all-time low with their performance. But as of now, Brown is working out with the Seahawks and this appears to be the most recent indication of where he could go. 

In addition to these rumors for both stars, it is important to remember one thing. Brown is still not cleared of his charges from the previous year. His status and admissibility to play are uncertain as he requires official communication from the NFL about any disciplinary action that he could face, which won’t see him have takers.

Kaepernick is in a much better position, as there has been no disciplinary action against him, and he was publicly given Goodell’s support, meaning the unofficial ban on him has been lifted. This itself shows that he might stand a chance of being signed before Brown, or at least his chance of getting signed onto a higher team than Brown’s. But the truth as of now is that Brown is one receiving attention from players and peers. Kaepernick is getting his long-overdue apologies, but whether that means a chance to play is uncertain. 



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