Two NFC Teams That Can Go Over Their Regular Season Win Total

Author: Mansi


The NFC will be different when it returns, but the usual fun of it won’t be lost. For those looking to place some bets, let us take a look at the two teams in the NFC who have the chance to go over their regular-season total number of wins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady made a historical choice moving away from the Patriots, and the Buccaneers are his new home. It’s easy to understand why he chose them. Their passers play really well, and other position players like  Wideouts Mike Evans, Chris, and tight end O.J. Howard all have the opportunity to up their game now with Brady on their team. The team also has  Rob Gronkowski now. They allowed only 1,181 yards, with their defense playing one of their strongest seasons ever. The 3.26 yards per carrying was also their second-best allowed ever. Their shortcomings were mostly with their secondary, but this year should see that easing up as well. The defense finished fifth in the defense-adjusted value over average in 2019. The Bucs performance was a mere 7-9 last season, but things are looking up after Brady’s move.

It’s clear that Rob Gronkowski, O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate at the tight end makes for some terrifying competition. Howard’s gameplay was poorer than expected in 2019 when he caught only 34 passes for 459 yards and had only one touchdown in 14 games. He’s young and showed great promise in his first two years to be a high-rated tight end. With the QB more consistent this season, he should be able to play better. 

Rob Gronk is also someone that Brady has history playing with, and he trusts him to play a great game with him. His presence will make Brady feel more at home too. Brady’s presence ups the ante on the team’s performance, so it isn’t surprising that the team is being considered for the Super Bowl already.

The Seattle Seahawks 

Russell Wilson does not get the attention that he deserves. It’s a shame that players, teams, and fans alike all overlook his capabilities, especially when he’s the one carrying his team on his back. Here’s the gist of what an NFL legend, Tiki Barber, had to say about Wilson. Barber played for the Giants until 2006 as a star running back. His career stats are 10,449 rushing yards and 55 touchdowns in 154 games.

He stated that it’s how Wilson has always been in the running for the MVP every season but never ends up getting the MVP vote. He also described him as the most underrated QB currently playing in the NFL. His statement ended with him stating that any team with Wilson will always have a great chance of winning and creating history because he makes sure to make plays happen.

Russell Wilson has a stellar playing record. He hasn’t missed one game in the last eight years, the entirety of his career. He has 341 of 516 passes for 31 touchdowns, and five interceptions in the last season alone. He ran 342 yards with three touchdowns on 75 carries too. His career stats look impressive, and consistently so - he has completed 2,436 of 3,777 passes for 227 touchdowns, and 68 interceptions in 128 games plus 3,993 rushing yards and 19 touchdowns on 720 carries.

There are big changes coming to the offense of the team this season. The QB coach Dave Canales was promoted to passing game coordinator and now Austin Davis is the new QB coach. The reasoning behind this was understood to be to boost the aggression on the offensive side. They are touted to be looking for an uptempo style of offense but still while staying true to their strengths, and weaknesses. This is where the position of the pass game coordinator becomes important. 

Russell Wilson, while speaking to ESPN 710 Seattle last year, stated that the Seahawks left many touchdowns hanging and could have gotten more. His exact statement was that they’d “thrown a bunch of touchdowns.” He believed that they could have done a lot more, stating that the next season should see them getting an additional 10 to 20 touchdowns.

The Seahawks are clearly going to up their offensive game. They added DK Metcalf last season, which helped Wilson play better as Metcalf played a stunning supporting role. The team is most definitely in the running for NFC West, so, you can place your bets on them. They will move higher and grab double-digit wins in the regular season this year.



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