NFL Season: Best Bets To Win American Football Conference

Author: Mansi


The NFL season this year is bound to look very different compared to past seasons, especially given the lack of a cheering crowd. This doesn’t change much for the bets you can place - so, let us look at some of the best bets on who will win the AFC. We will be evaluating three teams on how they look for the AFC 2020. Not only will we be looking at their roster, its depth and the talent on it, but also look at historical odds and stats of the teams over the years. 

The value of their odds is also an important factor because some may not give enough value to put in the money. This is important to remember because many people bet based on team loyalty or by following their hearts, but that doesn’t translate into success. Value is also important because an abrupt injury can make you lose all your money. Here are our top three picks - 

Kansas City Chiefs

This team is obviously a huge favorite, ask even a casual fan, and they’ll tell you. I’d pick them over the other crowd favorite, Baltimore, rather than putting both teams on my top 3. The Chiefs truly have no problem with paper, especially in comparison to their rivals. They are the defending champions, they had a good offseason and managed to keep their long-term talent on their roster. They also have added some great players such as Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Willie Gay Jr., and have gotten more defensive players to contribute this season. They easily stand to be the favorites to repeat their win. 

Let us look at the sheer talent they have on their team - a future Hall of Fame QB, a top-class head coach, some great playmakers, and a strong defense all thanks to Steve Spagnuolo. Baltimore, in comparison, also has a great bunch of players, but Patrick Mahomes and his great throwing form are what sets the Chiefs apart. The Ravens also have some vulnerability to their roster, simply because they are in the midst of reconstructing it that they haven’t had the time to strengthen. They were thrashed by Tennessee, so that shows how much uncertainty lies in their team’s form. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

They’re the team to watch for me this season because I think they’re the underdogs who will be able to clinch the AFC. Their defense is top-notch, especially visible in their 2019 season. They had their cornerback play a massively improved game last season - including Joe Haden and Steve Nelson. Their team as a whole was able to pull off some moves that they’ve never been trying previously. Their issues were more or less roster related, and they have taken the time to address and fix them. These issues were on display when they played against the New England Patriots. And this season, those fixes will help them massively while playing against giants like the Chiefs, and the Ravens.

Roethlisberger is the key to the success of the offensive side of the team. His issue is recent. He used to be great with his gameplay, especially with big plays. But his past few years have been average at best. His handling of the ball has become way more lackadaisical. He needs to be mindful of how he plays with his body, and his ball to ensure that the team can get to the endpoint. He has shown signs of improvement, which is why I believe he will play a great game this season. He is likely to win the Comeback Player of the year and ensure the Steelers get a wildcard spot. 

Indianapolis Colts

Unarguably a second-tier team, but the potential that these kinds of teams have is what helps them run this race. The Colts, along with a few other such teams, rely heavily on a bunch of players, either older or younger, to pretty much do all the heavy lifting. This is what is happening with the Colts and Philip Rivers, who is coming in as a replacement for Jacoby Brissett as well as, in some ways, Andrew Luck. 

Rivers has struggled a lot over the past few seasons, including a specifically difficult season with the Chargers. But he has a lot more to explore this time with the Colts. There is a lot that can’t be said certainly about this team. The receiver is a young entrant, and Parris Campbell and Michael Pittman Jr. need to step up and let their skills shine. It’s a difficult position for them, given how young they are. 



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