Best NFL Offenses To Make Bet For Next Season

Author: Mansi


Let’s talk about offenses in this NFL. The rules of the game have changed, and the whole season is going to look different, like never before. This article should help you make the right pick for teams that you should bet on for the best offense in the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, and New Orleans Saints look like the best teams to bet on this season, and here are the reasons why. 

Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes is their star player, and his stats from the previous season alone are as follows - a whopping 4,031 passing yards, over 66% of completion rate, 25+ touchdowns, and 5 interceptions. This leaves him with a great 76.3 total quarterback rating. Looking at his overall career stats, he has pretty much the same completion percentage as his previous season. 

He has nearly 10000 passing yards and 76 touchdowns total, with 18 interceptions overall. In the playoffs last season, his completion percentage was a little lower at around 64%, a little over 900 passing yards, coupled with ten touchdowns and two interceptions. His performance at the Superbowl was great too - a lower completion percentage at 61%, 286 passing yards completed, two apiece of touchdowns and interceptions. 

It’s obviously no secret that Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL currently. His arm strength is ridiculously good and his team composition helps round up his performance. His wide receivers play an important role - including Tyreek Hill, Demarcus Robinson, and Mecole Hardman. This makes the offense as a whole very strong and near indestructible, no matter how talented the defense is. 

His tight end is a phenomenal force to be reckoned with - Travis Kelce, and he is one of Mahomes’ favorites to throw to. He will also have running back Damien Williams back in playing from this time, and he will have plenty to contribute. He finished 104 rushing yards and one touchdown all in the Super Bowl alone. Williams has great catching prowess as well, as he caught four passes in 29 yards - adding a feather to his Super Bowl achievements cap. The Chiefs have also brought in Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who is considered as the best running back in the NFL Draft this season. 

Baltimore Ravens.

Lamar Jackson is their quarterback, so let’s take a look at his previous season stats. His completion percentage was just a smidge above 66%, he has over 3000 passing yards, six interceptions, 36 touchdowns, and his quarterback rating is a whopping 81.8. His overall career stats just fall short of the previous season. 

His completion percentage is 63.7, he has over 4300 passing yards and nine interceptions. He has 42 touchdowns to his name as well. His playoff stats from the previous year are okay at best - only a 52 completion percentage and only one touchdown in total, along with two interceptions. 

Jackson is the reigning MVP of the NFL. His gameplay last season was a treat to watch and bet on, and he outdid every expectation. But opposing teams do know how to slow him down and make him weak during their games, as the Titans were successful in doing so. The Ravens have a plethora of coaching aids that should help the offense as a whole. 

For Jackson to play better, there are several offensive players such as Miles Boykin and Willie Snead. The backfield also returns to this season stronger than ever. It comprises Gus Edwards, Justice Hill, and Mark Ingram. The team also has a new hire, J K Dobbins, who is from Ohio State. He is one of the best running backs coming from this year’s class. 

New Orleans Saints.

Drew Brees is their quarterback and here are his stats from the last season. His completion percentage is through the roof at almost 75, he completed nearly 3000 passing yards and has four interceptions at his name. He managed 27 touchdowns last season and had a 71 total rating for quarterbacks. His career stats are not nearly as impressive but are still great in the grand scheme of things - a 67 completion percentage, a ridiculous near 78000 passing yards, 547 touchdowns total, and 237 interceptions. His playoff stats from the previous season are - almost 79% completion, 208 passing yards, and one each of a touchdown and an interception. 

Drew Brees is everything a great quarterback should be and backed by Taysom Hill and Winston, he will lead his offense very well this season. Michael Thomas and tight end Jared Cook also aid as playmakers to this offensive lineup, making them quite self-sufficient and unbeatable.


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