New England Patriots: Six Players Opt-Out from NFL Season

Author: Sonali


SIx players from team New England Patriots have decided to opt-out from the NFL season 2020. This group of players who have decided to opt-out from the game includes Marcus Cannon (offensive tackle), Patrick Chung (strong safety), Brandon Bolden (reserve running back), Danny Vitale (fullback), and Najee Toran (reserve center/guard). This is going to be challenging for the Patriots.

The decision coming from patriots is a clear indication of what kind of situation the players are facing through the game. In a 48 hours time, more than any other team in the NFL, the Patriots have witnessed their players opting-out from the game. Among the players who have opted-out, the team is going to face a real jolt due to the absence of Hightower, Cannon, and Chung who are the highest impacting players of the team. From the very beginning, Tom Brady's free-agent departure has been the focus. It was sure that the team is going to have an absolutely different outlook in the absence of a quarterback after 20 years. But, no one knew, it would be different like this.

NFL Season 2020: Patriots.

From the very beginning, New England felt the absence of Jamie Collins Sr. (Lions), starting linebackers Kyle Van Noy (Dolphins), and reserve linebacker Elandon Roberts (Dolphins). In that situation, it was only Hightower who was the ray of hope holding the team together. This will definitely be followed by a lot of speculations and analysis.

Why have players Opted-out?

Each of these six players who have left the season has different reasons for opting-out. While some have welcomed a baby, some are expecting, and some players have recovered from some deadly disease and are vulnerable as yet due to the prevailing coronavirus spread.

Talking about this latest development in the NFL, the Patriots' cornerback Jason McCourty said, "It only takes one person testing positive, you come into the building, and that thing will spread like wildfire. There are expectations that more players will soon join the list of players opting-out from the NFL season 2020.

Hightower became a father for the first time on July 16. He looked very excited talking about fatherhood. Hightower said, "I don't have any words to describe it. Asking what to look forward to and expect, it was that and then some."

Per an agreement between the players’ association and the league, if the players choose to opt-out if they are at high-risk of COVID-19, they will earn $350,000 and an accrued NFL season. Players who are not at the risk of COVID-19 and are opting out can earn up to $150,000.

For the players who are inside the building and ready to play, keeping them safe & healthy is the first victory of Bill Belichick, Patriots coach. However, he is often focused on making his team focus, but this is altogether a different situation.

What NFL season 2020 is going to look like?

There is still not any clear picture as to how this NFL season 2020 is going to look like. However, this latest development makes out that many of the strong Patriots players will not be seen during the season. While from other teams only a few players have decided to opt-out from the season, Pats have more than half a dozen players have opted out each for their individual for personal reasons.

Here’s the list of Patriot Players who have opted-out:

  • LB Dont'a Hightower
  • OL Najee Toran
  • OT Marcus Cannon
  • FB Danny Vitale
  • RB Brandon Bolden
  • S Patrick Chung

With many Patriot players opting out, New England makes for almost one-third of all the withdrawals. There are conspiracy theories coming up whereby people are saying that this could be a conspiracy theory as a boycott from Patriots. But, if you would see some players have good reasons to opt-out. Let’s see what next comes up.


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