Mid-American Conference Shelves All Sports

Author: Sonali


The MAC has announced that it is going to shelve all sports including sports. The MAC will not be playing the 2020 fall football season either due to the coronavirus prevailing condition.

In its statement, the Mid-American Conference Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher said that “I’m heartbroken we are in this place. It would be naive to say that you don’t give thought and consideration to what the financial ramifications or any decision are, but this was a health and well-being decision Foremost. As we sit here today, we don’t know what this will mean financially and how the rest of the fall plays out. “It’s a bitter one, but we believe it’s the right one is based on the medical form or medical advisory board.”

The Mid-American Conference Commissioner, Jon Steinbrecher Statement.

Talking on this new announcement MAC Commissioner Dr. Jon Steinbrecher further added, “The decision is grounded in the core values of the Conference that prioritize student-athlete well-being, an area the MAC has traditionally taken a leadership role. Clearly, we are charting a conservative path — and it is one that has been recommended by our medical advisory group. It is a decision that affects roughly 2,500 student-athletes who live for the moment to compete. Those opportunities and moments are fleeting, and our student-athletes have a limited window in which to showcase their talent, passion, and drive for excellence. I am heartbroken we are in this place. However, I take comfort and want to give assurance to our student-athletes, coaches, and fans that we have their best interest at heart, and we will make every effort to provide competitive opportunities in the spring.”

The huge financial burden on MAC’s 12 schools.

MAC is the first the FBS conferences to withdraw from playing for the season. The presidents of the league had met before deciding not to organize any fall sports. This decision was made in the light of the fact that it is not easy for the MAC’s 12 schools to bear the huge financial burden of maintaining the extremely expensive coronavirus protocols and then also not getting the assurance if the players can play safely. The league found there are no benefits in proceeding this in that way and has decided to cancel all fall sports including volleyball & soccer. The league is looking forward to making up for it in spring. However, postponing will also come up with a huge revenue loss coming from the ticket sales & the football media rights.

There are news & confirmations from the league that it will provide equal opportunities in the spring to make up for the loss in the fall season cancellation will come up with. This postponement will only affect the fall sports, however, the ones to start in the second semester including baseball, basketball & softball will have no effect.

What led the MAC to cancel the Fall Season.

The financial backbone of the MAC schools is primarily the revenue from road games against power conference teams. With the prevailing coronavirus conditions, most of these games have been canceled (at the time when the Power Five went to exclusively conference games). Given the circumstances, it is quite impossible to have the kind of economical health to keep the players & other staff safe & healthy during a pandemic like this.

Before this announcement, of the 13 conferences, nine have already postponed the fall football seasons. They have all aimed at making this up during the spring season. It was first the Ivy League, which canceled the season in July. And, others have been putting in place tentative plans for the season.


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