NCAAF Betting Pick With Analysis: Austin Peay vs. Central Arkansas

Author: Mansi


College football season got a kick-start after a very huge gap due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A very unfamiliar thing about this tournament is the stands are going to be empty as precautions for CoronaVirus. All the players are in an energetic mood even after such a long gap. 

Today, we'll be seeing one of such highly competitive matchups between  Austin Peay & Central Arkansas. They are all set to rock this season. So let's have a good look at players stats, their recent form & betting tips.

Players to pick from Austin Peay in your fantasy team:- 

1) J. Craig:- 

In passing the ball Craig has been in absolute form this season for Austin Peay. In the 15 games he played for Austin Peay he had total pass attempts of 406. From these 406, he has completed almost 234 passes which shows he has a good pass completion percentage in this team. He also has registered 28 touchdown passes so far which makes him a valuable player for your fantasy match. Thus picking him in your fantasy league will fancy your chances to win in the league.

2) J. Oatsvall:- 

He is rocking this season in rushing for Austin for the last 2 games he played. In the initial phase of the season, he didn't get much chance but when he got, he delivered just extremely fantastic. In his 2 games this season for Austin Peay, he has attempted 42 passes and out of the 26 converted into the success. His pass completion percentage is 61.9 which is very good from an attacker’s point of view. So picking him for your fantasy game will be a good pick for you.

3) J Parker:-

Parker should be your must pick from the receiving section. In a single match, he has the reception of 3 which is usually a good start. Parker has been absolutely phenomenal in receiving yards stats with a good score of 55, and he's averaging with 18.3 points. So picking him in your fantasy squad will really work in your favor.

Some Betting Facts before you bet on this team:-

Austin Peay will be going as a hot favorite in this match. Looking at the players’ body language one can surely say that Austin Peay will win this match pretty easily. But games are never about predictions and as per some recent stats, it will be very odd to bet on Austin. So, we will suggest avoiding betting high on this team.

Player's to pick from Central Arkansas:-

1) B.Smith:- 

From a passing point of view, you don't have any other option than B Smith. If you look at his stats, you will be scratching your head with a surprise. In 2 games he played, he has a total 95 passing attempts out of which he has completed 51 passes. Thus, it makes his passing percentage of almost 54%, so he can be your good pick in any fantasy league. He has covered a total of 476 passing yards. Thus picking him is a very obvious choice for you.

2) K Crossley:-

If you are looking for a player from the rushing section then go blindly for Crossley from Arkansas' side. He gives a good balance for his side by his valuable rushing abilities. In 2 matches he has a total of 22 rushing attempts which is very good from any player’s view. He has covered total yards with points of 169. So, you can have a good pick in the form of Crossley.

3) L. Winningham:-

 From the receiving section you have many options but if you are reading this article then don't worry we had a detailed study regarding this section. Winningham is a very good option from any point of view. In 2 matches he averages 11.1 points with a total of 12 receptions. He has 169 average yards per rush which make him surely a valuable pick. So you must have him in your fantasy game.

Some betting tips before putting money on Arkansas's.

Central Arkansas will be going as an underdog for this match. As all high bets will be on Austin Peay, going out of the way will be a good option by looking at players’ stats. You can have a good winning amount if players from Arkansas go by well form. So, betting on them will be a risky yet worthy chance.



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