Ryan Shazier, Two-time Pro Bowl LB Retires at 28

Author: Sonali


The 28-year, Pro Bowl linebacker for Steelers by posting an emotional video on social media announced his retirement. In the video, he made the announcement of his retirement and talked about how football has always played an important role in his life. The way he looked and spoke in the video — it was evident how difficult it would have been for him to take the decision of retirement from the kingpin of his life (football).

Here’s what Ryan Shazier said.

Shazier posted the video announcing his retirement at 28 on Wednesday. In the video, he said, "When I was 5 years old, I made the greatest discovery of my life. I discovered the game that I love -- the game of football. Ever since then, I've given my life to the game. I love everything about it. Football gave me everything I ever wanted and more. It taught me about hard work, dedication, teamwork. It took me to college and the NFL. It made me money and gave me a life most people could only dream about. I'm here today to make sure the world knows how much I still love football, how grateful I am for everything football gave me. And I'm here to let the world know that today I am officially retiring from the game I love so much."

All through his 46 games, the football star has registered seven interceptions, 24 tackles for a loss, 205 solo tackles, and seven sacks. In addition to that, in four seasons, he notched pro bowl berths twice. With the kind of game he played, Shazier very easily became the leader of his brigade. Playing with the Steelers, the game against the Browns on September 10, 2016, was statistically his most successful game. With 11 solo tackles and two fumbles in a 21-18 victory — he took his career-high. Shazier, Ohio State University's first-round pick was a shiny star at the pick of his career.

The injury that Led to Shazier’s Early Requirement.

It was December 4th, 2017, playing against the Bengals, Shazier suffered the injury. Consequently, the football star had to opt for early retirement. It was when Andy Dalton a quick pass was thrown by Andy Dalton to rookie Josh Malone and Shazier went for the tackle. Moving forward with his head, Shazier hit Malone awkwardly. At that very moment, Shazier was unable to move further, and he was immediately taken to the hospital. Thereafter, the news of Shazier suffering a spinal contusion came in. Since then, he was away from the league as he had to go through surgery.

Doctors helped him with 20% of walking, and further he worked hard for two years himself towards recovery. After two years, he was able to run again and was hopeful of returning to Steelers. But, unfortunately, that did not happen. Irrespective of the fact that he could not return to the team, the journey of his recovery is incredibly inspiring. The kind of passion that Shazier showed with his quest to recover & return-to-play is appreciable. It was an extremely emotional & heart-wrenching moment to see the man stand on the stage announcing the Steelers draft pick in 2018 when he could have been one of the names.

The Sanguine Shazier.

Even after Shazier has to untimely leave the most important thing in his life, he is still sanguine & thriving — both in his personal & professional life for that matter. Talking about his personal life, Shazier got married in 2019 alongside the celebration of the birth of his second child. On the other hand, on the work front, he has taken up business projects and worked them out successfully. Also, he is planning to enroll in a master's degree at the University of Pittsburgh in business.

Kevin Colbert, the general manager talking to Shazier had said that "Never once have you ever said, 'Why me? And that gives us the strength and gives others the strength to know that any challenge you can overcome and you have overcome. I just want you to know, you can retire from the game of football, but you're never going to retire from being a Pittsburgh Steeler." The team had revered the strength and audacity with which Shazier had gracefully come out of the situation as a winner. Shazier’s strength is indomitable!!


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