NCAAF Face-Off: Central Arkansas Bears vs. UAB Blazers

Author: Mansi


The Central Arkansas Bears will be facing the UAB Blazer in the opening game of NCAAF at the Legion Field. The Central Arkansas Bears will be hoping to win the game against the UAB Blazer but it won't be an easy game for them. UAB was the strongest defense side in the last season of Conference USA. 

Therefore, it will be a thriller game all the football fans will be able to witness this week. Post COVID-19 pandemic this is the biggest tournament which will take place in the open park. So, it will be a high-voltage game after a long gap of 6 years.

In this article, we will be reading the players’ stats, game preview, result prediction for helping all the fans out there to predict the winner of this game.

Team preview of the Central Arkansas Bears.

Central Arkansas has undoubtedly the best offense compared to all other teams. With the efforts of Smith and the company, they can expect a good game in this match, as well. Central Arkansas will be pretty happy with the find they have in the rushing department. 

They have got Kierre Crossley as a perfect contender for this department with a run of 110 yards in the last game. The team management of the Central Arkansas Bears will be hoping for the same quality of game they had against Austin Peay where all their players were up to the mark.

A key player from the Central Arkansas Royals.

Breylin Smith 

The Central Arkansas Royals will be completely banking on their key player Breylin Smith for this game. He has the best record in the passing section against the UAB Blazers. He has completed 51 passes out of 95 attempts he did in this season. 

Therefore his pass completion percentage is 53% so far. This will surely be a key player for Arkansas while going into this game. He has the ability to crack the defense of UAB Blazers. 

He covered a total of 476 passing yards to make his point's table more strong. Therefore, every bettor will be also putting a high amount of bet on him. Central Arkansas will surely be hoping to win in their opening game against the UAB Blazer.

Team preview for the UAB Blazers

The UAB Blazers were very clinical in their last season where they managed to beat every opponent with their defensive line. Kristopher Moll led the defense in the last season with very good leadership skills therefore team management will be hoping for the same kind of game from their defense compartment. 


To add the power to their defense unit Brontae Harris their star player is recovered from the injury and ready to bang this season also. He will surely cover all the points which he missed in the last season due to the injury. UAB Blazers will be the happiest team while coming into this game with all the players in good form. The defense is their best department but their passing department is also in good touch with Tyler Johnson leading the side with very effective skills.

Key player for the UAB Blazers.

Tyler Johnson

Tyler will be the leading passer surely in this match. Because he has the best record of passing when it comes to against the Central Arkansas Royals. He has completed a total of 32 passes out of 48 attempts. That means he has completed about 66% this season. 

Therefore, UAB Blazers will be pretty happy with their team combination. They will get additional backup from their defensive unit. Tyler has covered the highest yards in this season with a passing rating of 134.4 therefore the team management will be completely happy with this performance.

Result prediction for the Central Arkansas Royals vs UAB Blazers.

The UAB Blazers are expected to come out as a winner in this game by looking at their fierce team line-up. With all-round performances in this game, they are expected to have a complete dominance on this game. But the Central Arkansas Royals will be eager to disturb their plan & make this game as a cakewalk for the UAB.

Final Words

With high-pressure matches around the park, it is expected to be a friendly fight between fans from both sides. Thus taking the game result by sportsmanship will be a good move all the fans will have.



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