NCAAF Pick For Bettors: South Alabama vs. Southern Mississippi

Author: Mansi


After a long forceful break due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the college football tournament (NCAAF) is back. The season opener will be played between the two teams that are capable of reaching the playoffs of this season.

Yes, you are right; we are talking about two strong teams, South Alabama & Southern Mississippi. Looking at the team preview, South Alabama is a better team on paper because Southern Mississippi will surely miss their key players in this tournament. Here in this article, we will have a look at players to pick for this match, their stats & recent form.

Player to pick from South Alabama

Desmond Trotter

Desmond should be your crucial player while going into this match. It doesn't matter whether he has played for six months or not what matters for Desmond is playing on the field. In the last season, Desmond was the key player for South Alabama, and because of him, they had a great season last year. Desmond had passing completion of 58% for last season shows how crucial this player will be while heading into this game. 

He covered maximum yards for South Alabama last season. He made sure that his team would finish with high standing in the points table. So when this game is going to be played Desmond should be your crucial passer in this game because he will indeed cause headaches to the opponents.

Carlos Davis

Carlos has been the best player in the rushing section for the team. If you want to pick any one player from the rushing section, then Carlos must be your top priority. He has an average above 6 in the last game. He was the reason that South Alabama had a bright rushing section. He has earned 31 points through the attack, making him a more valuable player for this game. He will surely be the nightmare for the Southern Mississippi.

Team management will be indeed expecting the same kind of performance from their star player.  He has covered 167 yards in the last season showing what capacity he holds. Therefore, it will be the right decision to pick him in your fantasy team.

Jalen Tolbert

Jalen will be your must pick from the receiving section. He has scored points with an average of 23.5 in the last season. Team management will be pretty praised with Jalen's performance in the previous year. He has earned valuable 283 points from the section of the yard. Therefore, if you want to win the match, Jalen is a key player to get a trophy.

Players to pick from the Southern Mississippi

Jack Abraham 

Jack will be leading the passing department for the Southern Mississippi this season. In the last season, he has completed 22 passes out of 32 passes he attempted. This shows his pass competition percentage is around 68%. He has the highest average from the passing section. He scored points with an average of about 9.8 in the previous season. 

Therefore he will be surely the most valuable player while coming to this match. All bettors will surely bet on Jack by looking at his stats, so, you don't leave behind in this race and put a value bet on him.

Tim Jones

When it comes to the receiving section, you can blindly depend upon Tim Jones for this match. He has performed exceptionally well in the last section, scoring points with an average of about 23.2, therefore, he will surely be your game-changing as well as fantasy changing player in this match. 

No other player can match up with his speed when it comes to receiving end. He has earned 139 points through the section of the yard so undoubtedly he can be the best pick for this match.

Result prediction for South Alabama vs Southern Mississippi.

It is expected that Southern Mississippi will be the winner in this game by looking at their line up. One of the significant advantages for them is the absence of key players in the opposition team due to various purposes. But on the other hand, South Alabama won't leave this match quickly; they will indeed fight back &  will try to register an unpredicted result in the opening game.

Final Words:

As the football season is going to start after a long gap, all the bettors will be readily happy to bet on the matches, so this will be surely a happy moment for all the fans & bettors out there.


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