Top Picks to Create the Most Value for NFL Picks

Author: Mansi


The NFL fever has been catching up now, and finally moving into the fold of 9th week, there have been huge expectations on the winning performances and key players. There has been a new addition to the teams, Minnesota Vikings who are looking to seal in the upcoming week. This year the NFL has given huge hopes for tight games with many players emerging their best shots. 

Some major players with past performances and career highs have been in the ranks and are waiting to seal the opportunities. The valuable ones with potential are also in the ride for top picks. Some major players are having injuries that would be missed like Derwin James. Let’s quickly jump into the top picks of value in the current season.

1.) Atlanta Falcons – Julio Jones, Matt Ryan

Wide receiver is an important position in the game. Having a constant steady lead in the position stabilizes the team to a larger extent. Managing a throw from a quarterback is essential in close edge games. Julio Jones, with an average TAR of 20 is a major contributor to the team. Though his capacity in recent times has taken a slight hit, he would be on track to straight his records. His value has increased by $65 million for the past 3 years.

Matt Ryan, a quarterback seems to be an important player for the team. Considering his recent snaps, and throws, his 281-yard throw against Carolina Panthers seizing a 25-17 margin victory for Falcons is a major confidence booster. 

2.) Arizona Cardinals – Justin Murray, Josh Jones

Nobody from the Cardinals believed in Justin Murray’s abilities. He was underrated for most of the seasons. Being stable offensive linemen, he has strived his way through the NFL proving to be successful. He has been one of the successful players of this year pulling the weight on the offensive line for the Cardinals. He is close to scoring 27 sacks with his uplifting performance. In the recent week 8 performance with the Cowboys, he scored 62 snaps and 1 GS, as a replacement of JR Sweezy which turned the game in their favor. He seems to have a slight edge going into week 9 with his strong performance.  

3.) Kansas City Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes, Willie Gay Jr.

The 24-year-old quarterback player seems to be the most favorite of the lot. He is one of the best picks for the Chiefs, as his average never indicates a slump. Chiefs’ recent game with Jets where Chiefs had a cruising victory, was majorly supported by Mahomes with 5-5 for 85 yards. His 30-yard pass to Hardman added a victory wave for the team.

One player who could be a useful pick for them is Willie Gay, 243-pound weight. He is a linebacker and has an effective average in defense. His ability to tackles behind the line of scrimmage has been massive. His recent solo tackle of 5 against LVR seems to be one of the best of this season. There is so much power riding on this man to seal a higher place for Kansas City Chiefs.

4.) Buffalo Bills – Stefon Diggs

Another wide receiver who is pitched to be in the top pick is Stefon Diggs. His catch rate at 67% is said to be one of the best in the league. He is touted as a very crucial player for their team. His 6 for 92 yards in a 24-21 ball win against the Panthers seem to be a turnover for the team. 

5.) Baltimore Ravens – Davin Duvernay

This year, everybody’s attention will be on Davin’s performance. As the most powerful player, his catches and throws have been heavy and extensive. He would play a critical role in maintaining the spirits of Ravens. His recent stats of 60 yards on 3 plays with 2 catches and rush makes him a possible target. 

6.)  Carolina Panthers – Christian McCaffrey

McCaffrey being the main lead back player of the team is the major contributor. His 156 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns seem to be critical. However, Mike Davis would be a good replacement for him. 

7.) Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow, would be the best pick for the team. He is a quarterback with substantial average performance. Week 9 will prove to be meticulous with his contribution. 

Jaylon Johnson from Bears, Jordan Eliott from Browns, Jerry Jeudy from Broncos, and Julian Okwara from Lions are top value picks. Their credibility will be put to test in the forthcoming weeks. 


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