What Teams Could Be In Trouble In NFL Week 9?

Author: Mansi


NFL Week 9 is going to be on roll. The previous weeks have been filled with unexpected wins and major surprises. We have seen differences in expectations of outcomes with good teams facing their losses and minor teams having their edges. Players like Derwin James, Ronnie Stanley, Tyre Phillips, and Matt Judon have been missed heavily and their impact will be essential for week 9.

Though some teams have managed slight margins and have put up some good fight, they may have difficulties in sustaining their victory shots due to injuries and minor setbacks. The teams like the 49ers and Vikings which are placed in the bottom could have trouble turning their chances.

Let’s pick into the details of who could be in trouble for week 9

Green Bay Packers:

Although the Packers have had a slightly good season with a 6-2 margin, they may have issues with the absence of major players this week. J Dillons, Jamal Williams, and Kamal Martin will be missed due to injury. Their running back will take a severe hit with the absence of these major players. Aaron Rodgers 4-6 against the 49ers is also stuck with the injury. Though their defense and throws will not have an impact, their running and snaps may have slight glitches. They have only Dexter Williams and Tyler Ervin to rely on for running back. Their loss against the Vikings with a 22-28 margin has been a major setback.

The recent Thursday game commencing week 9, against 49ers where Packers secured a 34-17 victory was crucial for the team. Ervin's performance as a slip-in for AJ Dillion with 5 targets for 48 yards was impressive. Hopefully, they will continue the winning streak successfully.

San-Francisco 49ers:

49ers have not had a good start as they have a meager 4-5 victory margin. They have already been positioned in the bottom, and their chances of reviving-back their victory streak seem quite less. They have a poor quarterback defense with Jimmy Gargapolo and George Kittle out with injury. However, they will have a good start with Nick Mullens filling in for their absence. His stats against Seattle has been good. Mullen's stats sheet with 18 completions and 25 pass attempts with 238-yard pass looks impressive.

49ers high margin wins with Jets 31-13 and Giants 36-9 would give them a confidence boost.

Indianapolis Colts:

The Colts are a good team with good standing in position with a 5-2 winning margin. Their recent victory with Lions 41-21 could improve their spirits. They have been very inconsistent with their performances with major slumps. They have a good line up for defense. However, with strong opponents like the Ravens, they might have a low profile. Philips River is catching up, but Quenton Nelson with a 79.9 PFF grade is the key. He has not given a good start in 2020, but he could ride the team to victory with his defense skills.

Tennessee Titans:

They are a good team with 5-2 ATS. They may be under-drafted this year, their average with 34.8 points is quite impressive. They have a decent home victory percentage. Their best pick Nick Foles will be their key player with a good offense. Although their game against the Chicago Bears will decide their fate. Looking to really up their game, their chances will be tough for week9.

Minnesota Vikings:

They are the underdog as they are the new entry in this year's league. They did have a good comeback with their surprise win against the packers. The 28-22 margin was quite impressive to get back to winning ways. Their last three meetings with lions have also been successful. Kirk Cousins 4-0 and average 250 passing yards along with Dalvin Cook average of 227 passing yards will keep them charged for their next meet-up.

Their Sunday match against the Lions will be a crucial decider for them.

Carolina Panthers:

They have a low standing in the current ratings with a 3-5 margin. However, the Return of Christian McCaffrey could give them a boost and lead. His 156 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns seem to be very impressive. He will be critical for the team. However, their one-off with the Chiefs will be a tough one for them. Chiefs have a very solid winning average, and it will put the Panthers in a tough spot to fight against them.



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