Best NFL Pick 6 For Week 9 To Consider

Author: Mansi


There are so many uncertainties for week 9 as the full potential of the teams cannot be measured due to the absence of crucial players. Most of the teams will look to seal the opportunities of the playoffs. Some teams will look forward to changing their luck from previous defeats.  We will collect the best pick 6 for week 9 and unfold their chances of victory.

1.   Seattle Seahawks VS Buffalo Bills:

Seahawks -3

This is going to be a sparking contest between the two highly-placed teams. Seahawks (6-1) will face Bills (6-2) in Orchard Park N.Y. The Bills have not met their expectations by losing 672 yards on the ground since Week 5. However, with Josh Allen’s 11/18 pass attempts in their previous outing against the Patriots, they won over a 24-21 margin. Their defense looks weak with exception of Jordan Poyer’s 11 tackles. 

The Seahawks, on the other hand, have had a pretty much decent season by averaging five yards this year. Russel Wilson showed his class by pulling 27 passes against the San Francisco 49ers. However, their defense looks weak and spotless with Bobby Wagner’s 6 tackles being their highest in their previous game. The expectations of this game tilt slightly towards Bills as they have a home advantage to leverage to their best.

2.   Giants Vs Washington:

Giants: -2.5

Though both the teams have slightly low standings in the position, it will be interesting to see their battle. Although the Giants have had a poor season with 1-7 record, they are a better team with quite a decent record. They lost their previous one-off with the Buccaneers but did give a good fight to keep the game alive till the last second. Daniel Jones is the best shot by securing 25 passes for 256 yards, proved his best giving the opponent a tough fight. Though their defense lacked a little, it did give them a slight edge with Jabrill Peppers 9 tackles.

Washington’s have had a mediocre season with a 2-5 record which puts them in a difficult position. Their previous meet-up with the Cowboys was a success with Kyle Allen’s 15 passes for 194 yards. 

3.   Texans Vs Jaguars:

Texans: -5

Texan’s lone victory against Jaguars in week 5 gives them a slight hope in this upcoming battle. Their last loss with the Packers has been a drawback. Their solo warrior Deshaun Watson with 29 passes for 309 yards has been an exception.

Jaguars on the other side, come from 3 straight defeats. Quarterback Gardner Minshew will be missed to a larger extent. They ride in the efforts of Justin Herbert majorly.

4.   Colts Vs Ravens:

Ravens -2.5

Colts (5-2) and Ravens (5-2) are equal in strength. It will be interesting to see their battle considering their equal records in the table. Colts rides on Philip Rivers who have had a great season, but they will miss Jonathon Taylor in defense. Colts’ last game with the Lions was Mathew Stafford’s 24 passes for 336 yards did the magic for them by sealing the victory.

Their previous game against the Steelers had a 24-28 margin. They will be looking strong for the next meet-up.

5.   Raiders Vs Chargers:

Chargers -2.5

The Raiders (4-3) record has a good position in the table. They are also rated as fifth-best in defense. They come from a massive 16-6 margin against Browns. They will be looking to cruise to a victory with the Chargers.

Chargers (2-5) have a low standing when compared to raiders. They are a good team. Their defeats have been in the lower margin. 31-30 against the Browns is their last meet-up. They have been unlucky, and they will be hoping to change their luck this time. 

6.   Dolphins Vs Cardinals:

Cardinals: -4.5

Cardinals (5-2) against Dolphins (4-3) will be an interesting battle. Though from the outset Cardinals seem to be the best team, the Dolphins are expected to give a good fight. Kyler Murray can give enough bone for the Cardinals to fight the opponent.

While the Dolphins’ last game has been a success, they will be looking to retain their winning streak. Tua Tagovailoa’s 12 passes for 93 yards did the trick for them, last time. However, his efforts against Muller will be huge and will be an interesting watch.



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