Best Value Plays In The NFL Week 7

Author: Mansi


NFL Week 7 will start, and all the fans are all set to enjoy the same. Week 6 was phenomenal from the NFL's point of view, where every prediction was up to the mark for both fantasy gamers and bettors. As we are proceeding to Week 7, this can be one of the best of all the time because all the biggies that are all the big players are ready for a comeback from their injuries. We all are aware that bettors are running long in this season, especially for NFL & now NFL week seven won't be any longer an exception for this. 

Therefore, to put straightforward help to all the bettors and fantasy gamers. We are here with this article. Here, in this article, you will find the picks you should do this week from the best values. However, you can make your own decision by referring to our article. Therefore, if you are reading this article, there are high chances of winning the bets or fantasy games whatever you are playing.

Players to pick in NFL week 6 

Justin Herbert 

Justin has been on this list for so long, but he was missing a bit of peace. However, he filled that one and is now one of the toughest contenders for the NFL Week 7 best value picks. Jacksonville Jaguars will be pretty happy with a player like Justin on their side.  Justin has been the experienced yet most handy player for the Jacksonville Jaguars this season. If we look at the successful passing percentage for Justin we will certainly be scratching our heads. He has 69% passing success in this season most by any passer for the Jacksonville Jaguars this season. Justin also has record break passing yards this season for the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

He has earned 1195 passing yards this season, making him a valuable player for his side. He also has a passing rating of 107.1 9th highest in the NFL. While coming back to averages, he stands 5th in this NFL for Yards per game. However, he is on the 10th rank for the touchdown percentage. Therefore, Justin indeed is a valuable player to pick for in this week's play. However, missing him may certainly cost you a whole week. This may end up causing you a huge loss. 

David Johnson 

Houston Texas will be one of the happiest teams in this season. The reason behind this happiness is none other than their newly traded and prime offensive player David Johnson. They would never have thought about such a performance from their newly bought player in his debut season for this team. The Texas Houston traded David Johnson in replacement for DeAndre Hopkins which turned out to be the best move for them. 

This certainly changed the tempo of their team performance. David had already bagged 350 rushing yards from this season, and he is looking forward to more & more. He has receiving yards more than 115 this season. This shows his hunger for points in never-ending. However, calculating about average we can see that 4 yards per carrying, and almost 10 yards per catch. This certainly makes him valuable for the Houston sides.

If Houston Texas has to dominate week 7, then David Johnson will be a key for this huge deal. However, bettors and fantasy players will be certainly going in the favor of David this season. 

Zack Moss 

The buffalo bills performance this season has been phenomenal especially after the inclusion of Zack Moss to their side. However, he has played simply awesomely and made his team taste success after so long. When we were looking at PPR it was 5.5 while facing KC, but after the inclusion of Zack, it came down to 4.4 which certainly shows his value on this side. If he plays such innings in this week as well, you will be delighted with whatever you will receive as an outcome for this. However, picking Zack will be your choice considering your risk-taking capacities in a big game. 

Final Words:

Last week in the NFL was pretty good regarding best value picks. So now, you can test your knowledge by referring to this article as it will be like a mentor to you. However, on some day stats won't do what they are known for. So rather than being disappointed, you can pick another player in your next week's league. 



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