Lions Not to Allow Fans to Attend the Thanksgiving Games?

Author: Sonali Pathak


Per a report of an emergency order issued by Gretchen Whitmer, the Michigan governor, the Lions won't be allowing fans to be present when they will host the Houston Texans on Thanksgiving day. In the previous order, Detroit during the last two home games had allowed 500 family members and friends. 

However, looking at the spike in the number of positive COVID-19 cases, these orders have been revised according to which fans won’t be attending the Thanksgiving games. Since the pandemic outbreak took place a number of teams including the New England Patriots have not allowed fans in the stadiums and had announced a “complete no fan season” throughout the year. 

On the other hand, there are teams who have fans planning to allow spectators in the stadium given the local guidelines that allow them to do so. 

Other teams and their plans for allowing Fans:

Vikings to allow 250 fans for the rest of the season. While the Lions can’t see spectators attending the games, the Minnesota Vikings will allow a maximum of 250 fans to attend the games. However, they have de-shelved the idea of hosting thousands of spectators at the Bank Stadium during the four final home games of the season. 

There isn’t any surprise with the incessantly increasing number of coronavirus cases that the team has decided just to host a limited number of fans. A few days back, there were record-breaking 56 deaths due to COVID-19 and there were 4,900 new COVID cases in Minnesota. 

New England Patriots:

The New England Patriots also announced that they are not going to allow fans to attend games at Gillette Stadium after looking at the increasing number of coronavirus cases. There was an order also issued by Charlie Baker, the Massachusetts Governor stating that there should not be any large public gatherings. This order will be effective throughout the NFL season. There will be absolutely no fans allowed at the Gillette Stadium through the remainder of the season. 

In fact, the Patriots fans have not been allowed in the stadium throughout the season. However, the team was hoping for some revised orders, but that only resulted in fans not being allowed for the games. 

There were social distancing markers all through the stadium that signaled at fans being allowed if there was an improvement in the positive coronavirus cases. This season, only a few teams have allowed fans in the stadium, and that too in a limited capacity. These teams who have allowed fans include Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Kansas City Chiefs. 

This has been a tough time for fans to watch their favorite players virtually as well for the players to play without the cheering & encouraging sounds of their fans all through the stadium. But, at this point in time, the most important consideration is the health & safety of players & other team members. The rest can be done in the upcoming seasons. Till then the teams have to watch out and follow the health & safety guidelines.


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