What To Expect: Los Angeles Chargers vs. New Orleans Saints

Author: Mansi


College Football is getting very tough this season with each passing game. However, players are giving their best for their respective sides. But when it comes to the cheering of fans to their players this time, it is not as happening as safety precautions for COVID-19 pandemic games are being played without any fan’s attendance. However, fans haven't left anyway to support their favorite teams. As of now, we are into the end of this season, two sizzling sides, Los Angeles Chargers, are all set to take on New Orleans Saints. 

In this game, both teams are equally powerful and can destroy any opponent on a given day. With their ups & downs this season, both sides are trying to make it to the playoffs. Their team strategies may be different, but the result is the same for everyone. However, in this article, we'll see a Game preview for this clash and some previous records of the head-to-head games & result prediction. Therefore, stay tuned to get more analysis of this most useful yet thriller game. 

Team Preview For The Los Angeles Chargers:

The Los Angeles Chargers will be completely banking on their crucial player Justin Herbert. However, if he gets going in the initial phase of the game, then the Los Angeles Chargers will undoubtedly be the hot favorites for this game. This youngster has indeed given everyone answers through his performance this season what capabilities he has in himself. However, with the new team unit, he has adjusted quite comfortably and seems pretty happy with this side.  

Likewise, team management must be pleased with this new trade this season, and they will undoubtedly expect him to play one more fine knock for their side in this crucial game. When it comes to long passes, the Los Angeles Chargers are indeed making it difficult for their opponents this season. Because the New Orleans Saints have given the third-highest number of touchdown passes this season, the Los Angeles Chargers will undoubtedly look for this vulnerable situation for their opponents.   

Team Preview For The New Orleans Saints:

Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are saviors for the New Orleans Saints this season. If they have their day on a game day, then it would be too difficult for the Los Angeles Charges to have the upper hand in this game. However, the New Orleans Saints will improve their touchdown passes because they must have noted that every opponent uses this weakness of theirs to finish the game. 

However, with legendary players like Brady and Mahomes on their side, they would make it easier. Drew Brees, one of their fine mid-range thrower, will be a crucial factor for the New Orleans Saints in this game. Especially against the Los Angeles Chargers, they would find it pretty easy to have such throws. However, the Los Angeles Chargers have one of the best defenses this season, and that's where the New Orleans Saints will try to target and grab the game.

Team management must be thinking of some new combination against one of the good teams of this season. Because without any special moves, it won't be possible for them to beat such an incredible team. 

Most Valuable Player For This Game:

This would be one of the tough calls of this season. Choosing one best from the two tough teams won't be that easy. However, in this case, both Herbert and Brees are on the same ship. But considering the experience factor, Drew Brees would be the most appropriate contender for this spot. However, with this New Orleans Saints player, they can disturb the party of their opponent's side. This is what, Drew Brees has done so far, and he would love to do this one more time. 

Result Prediction For This Game:

Considering the team line-ups of both the unit's this would undoubtedly be one of the high-voltage games. But if we have to choose one winner out of both, then the New Orleans Saints would indeed have the upper hand in this game. With three of their key players in the right touch, they are hot favorites for this game. Also, they would look to crack the defense line of the Los Angeles Chargers in this crucial game. Therefore, the New Orleans Saints have the upper hand entirely. However, the Los Angeles Chargers will try to do the thing for which they are famous.


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