Teams On Bottom List Needs To Buckle Up For NFL Week 8

Author: Mansi


Week 10 and Week 9 have seen their share of surprises, as some teams like Jaguars, Chargers, and Texans land up in the bottom. Some teams like the Jets and Washington have always held the last position from the start of the season, and their rankings have not elevated considerably. It will be quite an interesting watch to see how the teams fare in Week 11. As week 11 has approached, it will be interesting to see how the low ranking teams gear up for the game. This article lists and details the bottom teams which will fight hard for their victory this week.

New York Jets:

The Jets have had a terrible season this year with 0-9 points. Their initial weeks were terrible as they lost continuously with normal teams. But week 9 gave a ray of hope, as the most exciting game of that week was Jets Vs Patriots. Though the Patriots were a team with considerable qualities, the Jets put up a good fight until the last quarter securing 27-17 leads. When all looked positive for Jets victory, there was a horrible tilt as they ended the game with a thrilling 27-30 at the last minute.

The problems that trouble the Jets are its offense and lack of tempo. Except for Joe Flacco’s throws of 262 yards, and 3 touchdowns, everything in their game looked lifeless. The Patriots being the strong team with a heavy quarterback, pulled their game easily against a weak opponent like the Jets. Surprisingly, their defense was also a little shaky in their previous one-off, with Austin’s 9 tackles and others contributing less.

The Jets will face the Chargers in week 11, and the Chargers team looks as vulnerable as the Jets, there is a minimal chance the Jets can get back on track. They will be looking to seize the opportunity, as the Chargers have also had a bad week and coping themselves with lots of weak points.

Jacksonville Jaguars:

Another team that has fallen short of hope is Jaguars. They have had a poor season with a 1-8 record. Their last game was a close one as they lost on a 24-20 margin. Though Jake Luton gave an impressive performance in the fourth quarter, it did not give them a winning chance. C.J. Henderson’s performance with 4 catches for 42 yards did pull the string for the team, though it could not compensate for the inaction of other players. They lacked heavily in the offense, as every little attempt against Packers became a lost cause for them.

Swinging back to week 11, they face the strongest opponent, the Steelers. They have a (9-0) winning record and look strong to seal a victory against a meager team. They have not lost a game since the start of the season, while Jaguars come from 8 direct consecutive defeats. Though the chances of Jaguars turning their favor looks bleak, they will look forward to hitting every little chance to seize a victory.  

Los Angeles Chargers:

Chargers (2-7), look pathetic in their position. Their previous game against Dolphins did not compromise their fighting spirit. They had Herbert’s performance to ride on with 20 catches for 187 yards. They do have concerns about their offense which lacks the necessary luster to beat the strong opponents. However, they have emerging players like K.Ballage who managed 18 catches for 68 rushing yards. It will be interesting to see their one-off with the Jets as both the teams have to pick themselves from the bottom. Both have had their worst defeats, and Chargers who have managed a good game, with the help of Herbert, could try to turn things in their favor.

Dallas Cowboys:

This is another team deemed as unsuccessful with their recent share of abysmal performances. They stand in the lower position with (2-7) points. Their last game with Steelers did give them a setback, but the fight they put up cannot be undermined. G. Gilbert’s exceptional performance did look like chances tilting to their sides comfortably, but the poor defense cost the team very badly. 

However, they are a good team with bright chances of victory with players like Gilbert and Elliott. Their next battle with the Eagles looks very promising. The Eagles have a very balanced side, though they have 3-5 points. When both equally competent teams fight their battle, it will be interesting to see which side will drive home the victory.


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