Soccer Betting Predictions: English Premier League Matchday 31

Author: Mansi


The English Premier League’s return this season has been met with considerable excitement, especially given the coronavirus situation. Although these matches are being played behind closed doors, fans at home have been more than happy about the return of the league. This week’s fixtures will continue to offer some star-studded matches, after the past four days treating fans to ten matches. 

Matchday 31 is a three-day-long event with all twenty teams in the line up playing each other. While bets have been placed using various models, the sheer number of matches makes for a great playing ground for those betting on the matches.

One of the most formidable matches of this matchday is Chelsea versus Manchester City. Both kings in their rights, Chelsea has been adjudged the Champions of the Premier League thrice in the past decade. Manchester City only trumps their opponents with four championships in their bag. This is why the match might be the biggest decider of the league with millions tuning in to see where it goes. Other important matches, given the deciding status of the league, include Manchester United versus Sheffield United and Liverpool versus Crystal Palace. 

Chelsea versus Manchester City.

Starting with Chelsea and Manchester City, let us look at the form of these teams this season as they go head to head with each other. Chelsea is currently in fourth place in the standings, with Manchester United barely trailing behind them with five points short. The team will look to finish strong and within the top 4 spots to ensure their place in the Champions League next season. Before this match, Chelsea won 2 - 1 against Aston Villa in the league.

Chelsea’s record in their last seven Premier League matches has been six out of seven games in their favor, coming to this match nearly unbeaten. Manchester City, on the other hand, has also had quite a victory run in the recent past. The team has managed to keep a winning streak of seven matches out of its most recent eight matches, both in the Premier League and in other competitions.

The prediction for this match is over 2 goals per team with the edge going to Manchester City to clinch the match. And the reason for the goal prediction is the Blues have consistently scored over 2.5 goals per match in six of their past seven games. Man City has put its most formidable feet forward, given the fact that they started their campaign with a whopping eight goals in their two games. These two matches were played against Arsenal and Burnley. The shocker that was both these games, they ended with neither of the opposing teams scoring even one goal. 

City thrashed Arsenal for 3 - 0 and a shell shocked Burnley for 5 - 0. This alone puts City’s strength and form in perspective, given that their frontline is raring to go. The reason Man City is predicted to trump Chelsea is that they have won two out of the three most recent games that they played against Chelsea. 

Liverpool versus Crystal Palace.

Liverpool is inevitably looking at the top spot this season, and this match comes when they have a 100% win record at home. Although this match tends in their favor, they might expect to play another game before lifting the title. This match is a well-matched one with the Palace coming in strong with a top defensive line up in the League.

Liverpool is touted to win this match, but not too easy given that Palace has a formidable defense that has helped them win nine out of twelve matches away from home this season. They are also on a streak of four consecutive wins, but that will most likely end up with this match. But that does not mean that they will let Liverpool win effortlessly. The predicted score for the match is 3 - 1.

Manchester United versus Sheffield United.

An away game for Sheffield, this game is a very important one for Man United given that they are trying to inch their way into the top 4 to get a guaranteed spot to the Champions League. While United stands the higher chance to win, the match will, by no means, be a complete wipeout. The match is expected to end in United’s favor with a score of 2 - 1, as both teams haven’t been scoring highly since the league resumed. 



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