Winning Parlay Predictions For Matchday 30

Author: Mansi


With the return of the English Premier League after several pandemic-related issues and now playing without an audience, Matchday 30 is one to look forward to. With a weekend full of matches, this is a great time to decipher the odds and set your parlays. A couple of big-ticket matches with undefeated teams means that parlays’ opportunities are bigger than ever. 

Tottenham versus Manchester United.

Start the parlay with this match as the 1st leg. This match may seem like a no-brainer, given how United doesn’t seem to be able to perform well in away matches this season. However, the match may be much more of a close call and is likely to end in a tie. The prediction and bet here shouldn’t be placed on which team is likely to emerge victoriously. Rather, a much better outcome is possible when you consider the odds of which team is likely to score first. 

The possibility of the Red Devils scoring first in this match is very high. Their starters are much quicker than the Spurs’ counterparts and have a brilliant away record only bested by the top four teams of the League. Looking at United’s record over the past eight games, they have managed to score in the first half in all the eight matches, and before half-time in seven out of the eight games across competitions. 

Everton versus Liverpool.

Add this match as Leg 2 of the parlay. This match is one that will help Liverpool get closer to its title, which makes it high stakes. The odds of this match look very much in favor of Liverpool, with the team winning twelve out of their fourteen away games in this League this season. This match win will give them three out of the remaining six points that they need to clinch the title which is theirs this season, no matter how well City performs henceforth.

Liverpool has had a very successful run this season within the League and has shown incredible stability in its form. However, they did lose more games than they won right before the football matches were shut down due to the coronavirus. The overall history with Everton does look promising - the last time Everton beat Liverpool was ten years ago, in 2010. 

Everton’s position in the league is at a measly thirteenth, and their last two encounters with Liverpool ended with defeats which were more embarrassing than unexpected. While they are coming into this match against Liverpool with a seven-match undefeated streak, that means little when they are going up against Liverpool - the impending champions, who are in great form. This does not mean that Liverpool will easily beat them; Everton is likely to put up a strong fight. The opportunity in this match is to place the odds on the final outcome. Both sides are likely to score and Liverpool will emerge as the winner of the match. 

Manchester City versus Burnley.

This is Leg 3 and the last leg of the parlay for this Matchday. The city has all the odds in its favor after its dramatic return to the league which led to Arsenal being thrashed by the Citizens 3 - 0. Despite a red card to Luiz, the now outgoing champions managed to finish the match with a victory comfortably. The Arsenal match boosted City’s record for three wins out of four in the most recent matches. The Arsenal game, more importantly, showed just how much City is capable of wreaking havoc, which will be an important factor in the match against Burnley. 

Burnley has had a good streak this season, and they do have a formidable defense. A club their size making it to the 40 point mark and the upper half of the standings is in itself a remarkable feat. Despite this, they are not expected to fare very well in this standoff. Their two topmost strikers have been benched due to injuries, which is bad news, given that they accounted for about half of the goals scored by the team this season. This, combined with City’s star defender making an injury-free comeback, means that Burnley may have no chance to score. 

The score prediction, leaning heavily in City’s favor, is 3 - 0. Burnley is expected to score zero goals as they haven’t been able to in their last two away games. The city has averaged 2.5 goals in every home game this season, which is why a 3 - 0 win seems highly likely. 


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