Soccer Update: Serie A Round 34 Top Betting Predictions

Author: Mansi


Round 34 comes at an important point when Juventus might finally garner enough points to finish strong at the top of the table. The other exciting match has Atalanta, in top form, playing. 

Verona v Atalanta

Atalanta has proven to be more than a one-season wonder. They qualified to the Champions League for the first time in the history of their team last year. They finished third, a feat for their team in itself. They had the best attack in the league with 77 goals scored. This season, even with five more rounds to go, they’re already in 2nd place and 93 goals scored. That’s exponential growth right there. Next month, they will face PSG for the Champions League quarter-final too. They will end this season with at least 100 goals, and this onslaught will begin with their match against Verona.

Atalanta is coming from playing Brescia and massacring them on the field, beating them 6-2, despite the fact that key players were rested for the match. This includes Captain Papu Gomez and Hans Hateboer, along with two other players. They put Ebrima Colley on the field for the first time for the team, and Tameze played a full match only for the 2nd time after being transferred in from Nice.

Verona has not been noteworthy of late. They lost an away match 2-1 to AS Roma. They’re currently the third-best side in defense, having conceded only 41 goals in 33 games. But their offense hasn’t pulled through for them. Their last 4 games yielded only 2 points in total. They’re definitely out of the race for Europa. The match against Atalanta will be very difficult for them to get through. While they might score in the game, it is their defense that can help them curtail Atalanta.

Atalanta’s Brescia upset may not repeat in this match, as monumental as it was. Atalanta will be the team dominating possession and the game will be played the way they want it to. But there won’t be a goal extravaganza in this match. Don’t expect a total number of goals higher than three at best. While Atalanta should have this game in their pocket, Verona could hold them to a draw given their strong defense. 

Juventus v Lazio

Juventus is on top of the table, ahead of Atalanta by 7 whole points. But have they been slacking off recently? Their most recent games have been three winless games. But is it possible that they can lose their position on top? That has to be seen. If they lost against Lazio and given Atalanta’s ridiculously powerful form, things could get hard for them. Their next four fixtures are against Udinese, Cagliari, Sampdoria and AS Roma, two away and two at home games. They were lucky to have come out of the game with Sassuolo with one point, as even that seemed unlikely. That game picked up in the second quarter when Sassuolo came back from 2-0 to score 3 points. If not for Alex Sandro’s equalizer, Juventus would have lost that match too. Their game against Lazio will be played at home.

Lazio’s form was unreal in February, but after the lockdown and a few weeks of play, it seems to have deteriorated. Their past four games yielded 1 point in total. Two of those games ended with them not scoring even one goal. Their star scorer Ciro Immobile, who is also the top scorer in Serie A this season (with 29 goals) hasn’t been able to score in any of the past four games.

Ronaldo, Juventus’ star player, is creeping up to nab the first place out of Immobile’s hands as he is only one goal behind him at 28. This match can be interesting just to see the two players clash. Juve also looks strong to pick up the title, although it isn’t certain yet. The odds of them losing their lead are low, but Atalanta could sneak up behind them. Going by how both Juventus and Lazio have been playing off late, they are both out of shape and not playing to their fullest strengths. But what makes this worse is that at least Juve played against strong and in-form teams, but Lazio played Lecce and Udinese. 

This will be a pivotal match for Juve. They can take this chance to show everyone that they deserve the title, and to keep up their lead with sufficient points. It may not be easy for them, but there’s a lot at stake for them, so they will step up and win this match.



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