MLB 2020 Season: Three Powerful Teams to Watch

Author: Mansi

After months of negotiation between MLB & the players’ association — now the opening day is just a few days away. We’ll soon be able to see MLB season 2020 is going to happen after the game came to a half due to the coronavirus outbreak. Now that players & the league look ready to resume the season, we can talk about other aspects of the season.

Irrespective of the fact there is no guarantee whether every MLB player would be able to play or not — but everyone is happy that baseball is finally happening. With the 60-game schedule, this would benefit the most teams. We all know that coronavirus is going to cause problems — and already many players have opted-out from the season because of the fear of pandemic.

However, many of the players would take on the field. Meanwhile, we are waiting for baseball to return soon — let’s discuss the top five MB season 2020 teams. Here we go:

  1. Minnesota Twins

World Series championships: 1991, 1987

Division: American League Central

The Minneapolis based American professional baseball team completed in the Major League Baseball as a member club of the American League Central division. The name of the team is after Minneapolis and St. Paul, the two adjoining cities.

In 2019, twins with 317 home-runs set MLB’s single-season record. This team is all loaded from top to the bottom and can create another historical game if the number one Byron Buxton lives to his potential & stays healthy as important.

The twins will always have the greatest faith in Homer Bailey for a significant number of starts, however, the addition of Kenta Maeda will for sure make the difference. With the delayed season, the Rich Hill will be there on an opening day who is an exceptional starter. In the MLB season 2020, might see the Twins winning the pennant this year.

  1. New York Yankees.

Arena/Stadium: Yankee Stadium

World Series championships: 2017

The Yankees American professional baseball, which is based in the city of New York, participates in the MLB as the American League East division member. The way the suspension of the MLB has benefitted Yankees is something that the team is wary about. Many of the players including James Paxton, Aaron Judge, and Giancarlo Stanton have to be kept out from the first half because of the injuries caused during the incredible offseason. The halt caused because of the coronavirus outbreak has truly been a blessing for the Yankees who are going to be way healthier this season.

The Yankees playing during a pandemic like these are going to be and utilize the immense depth that the club has had. Gerrit Cole is going to be the cornerstone for the team that it really was in need of. There are plenty of pitchers in the team however, the presence of Luis Severino will definitely be felt.

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers.

World Series championships: 1988, 1981, 1965, 1963, 1959, 1955

Arena/Stadium: Dodger Stadium.

Los Angeles Dodgers are one of the topmost teams in the MLB. The Los Angeles based American professional baseball team competed in the MLB as a member club of the National League West division. It is fortunate for the Dodgers that the season is finally going on floors. Had the Majors' baseball season had been canceled — the game-changer trade for Mookie Betts, the baseball right fielder could have been useless. However, now that the season is finally ready to go on floors, Dodgers are going to be one of the most favorite teams to watch.

There is an assortment of pitching depth in the team with Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler making for an amazing duo. And, if Alex Wood and Julio Urías remain healthy throughout the season can make for soli rotation. And, with Betts and Cody Bellinger there are enough MVP caliber players in the team. Dodgers are going to be another team to watch for this MLB season 2020.


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