Complete Expert Betting Picks: New York Yankees vs. Atlanta Braves

Author: Mansi


Major League Baseball is now in real motion with all the teams getting tougher to beat. In such a situation New York Yankees are ready to face their arch-rivals Atlanta Brave in the high voltage match.

With the likes of all the players in good touch, this can be an excellent match to bet for all the bettors. Hence, just to help them in picking the perfect player we will have a look at players’ ups & downs in this season with the help of statistical data available.

Players to bet from the New York Yankees.

Luke Voit

Luke has been the most experienced player from the New York Yankees. He has been part of 43 games for the New York Yankees side. He is ready to be a player in any situation. Luke is also playing the role of mentor to youngsters like Estevan Florial, Jordy, etc. Thus, he can be a handy player that the New York Yankees have with them. 

Luke has managed to score points with an average of .270 in these 43 games so far. That's the reason he has to be your number one pick while creating your fantasy team. Bettors will be indeed putting some amount of bets by looking at his experience. All the team players & team management also expect a good performance from him against the Atlanta Braves.

Giancarlo Stanton

This incredibly talented young player has lots of skills hidden inside him. Giancarlo is turning out to be the best find in this season for the New York Yankees. Giancarlo has played a total of 14 games for the New York Yankees with points scoring with an average of .293 so far which shows how consistently he's performing for his team in this season. Stanton has earned 41 points from the bat’s section showing how well he can connect the ball. 

Giancarlo is playing with a slugging rate of .585 in this season which is getting improved match by match. Thus, he can be a stroke of luck changing pick for you in your fantasy game. The interesting fact about this player is, he won't get a lot more bets due to less fame he has, hence putting some enough bet on Stanton will surely increase your chances of winning the bet.

Clint Frazier

Talking about differential picks, Clint will be a perfect contender for this pick. With the experience of 28 games in his hand, Clint can indeed change the game within a few minutes. Clint also can score some quick-fire runs & choke the opposition. Despite top order being in form, Clint can be a handful pick for you while going into this match. He has a batting score of 93 whereas he has an average score of about .280 in this season.

Players to bet on from the Atlanta Braves

Adam Duvall

Adam is the 3rd most experienced player from the Atlanta Braves. With the likes of Adam playing this game, he can be a worthy pick for this game. He has experience of 46 games in his hand. Thus team management will be expecting the excellent quality of the game from their key players. 

Adam is averaging about .250 from the 46 games he has played. He is in the top section of the at-bat section for the Atlanta Braves. That's why picking him in your fantasy team & putting a bet on him will be a real game plot you will play in this game.

Dansby Swanson

Dansby is the backbone of the Atlanta Braves side this season. He can change the result of the match in his team favor with minimum efforts. He is the table topper from the Atlanta Braves in the at-bat section with 190 points from the 48 games he has played so far. The New York Yankees won't be happy with stats like this from their opponent player. 

Dansby averages about .280 in this season. Hence, by looking at his stats & experience, he will surely be the key difference between win & loss for the Atlanta Braves. He is low with a slugging rate, but he can cover the same in a single match with his experience so far. Therefore, Dansby can be your real punt while going into this match.

Final Words:

There are a lot of chances for the game to get high voltage with the quality of players from both sides. Therefore, enjoying the game with a little betting for fun will be the ideal combo you will love to choose.


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