Expert Picks For Bettors: Portland Trail Blazers vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Author: Mansi


The Portland Trail Blazers are going to face the Los Angeles Lakers in a must-win game in the NBA this season. After the resumption of the NBA this season, teams were pretty excited to be in the game mode, and that's the result we are getting some real thriller matches in this season. In this article, we will take a glance at betting tips about the players from both sides & their recent stats in this season.

Players to bet from the Portland Trail Blazers.

Hassan Whiteside

Hassan has played the 2nd highest number of matches for the Portland Trail Blazers this season. He is the part of the team for the last 67 games, out of these 67 matches, he has started 61 games so far with average points of around 15 in each game. 

He has completed 436 field goals out of 702 he attempted. That shows how dominant he can be on the field with a success percent of almost 62%. That's the reason you should think twice before dropping him from your fantasy team.

Carmelo Anthony 

Carmelo has been consistent throughout this season for the Portland Trail Blazers. Carmelo has played 58 matches this season for the Portland Trail Blazers. With the form, he is having team management will be hoping for another clinical performance from their talented player against the Los Angeles Lakers. Bettors will undoubtedly be betting on Carmelo for a better outcome of their bets. If you look at his stats, he has 336 field goals in this season. 

He has also attempted the most number of three-pointers for the Portland Trail Blazers. Thus, while going into this match against the Los Angeles Lakers, he will be more valuable due to his three-pointer ability. However, it can be a real twist betting on his three-pointer ability instead of point prediction for more benefit.

Jusuf Nurkic

Jusuf can be your risky yet handy pick if team management decides to give him a chance in this clash. He has played just eight matches so far, but with the potential & skill he has, he can be a real disaster in this match. In only eight games he has scored 54 field goals out of 109 he attempted. This shows he has a success percentage of almost 50%. Hence, he can be your value adder in this game if he gets a chance to play the game.

Players to bet from the Los Angeles Lakers.

Anthony Davis

Anthony is the most decorated player for the Los Angeles Lakers in this season. With the experience of 62 games in his hands, he is scoring points with an average of about 26 in each game. That's one of the main reasons to bet on him or pick him in your fantasy game. 

Anthony Davis scored more than 550 field goals in this season with the success percent of field goal as 50%

Since the resumption of this season, Anthony is ready to be a player in any situation for the Los Angeles Lakers. From this, you can indeed note that bettors will be surely betting on Antony for this game.

Danny Green

Danny is one of the most experienced players of this season for the Los Angeles Lakers. He is serving the Los Angeles Lakers in more than 65 games so far with an average of 8 points per game. He has scored more than 190 plus field goals so far in this season with numbers going up & up in each game. 

Danny Green also has scored 120 points via three-pointer attempts. Thus, he can be a handy pick from the Los Angeles Lakers by looking at his experience so far. Bettors will avoid betting on him because of the average factor, but what you can do is betting on the points, he will score in this match. That means you can be accurate with this measure. Thus, it can be a good idea to bet this way.

Kyle Kuzma

Kyle can be your differential pick or differential bet in this game. He has played a total of 61 games for the Los Angeles Lakers in this season with an average of about 13 points. While looking at his field goal attempts, he can be a real hero in this match if he manages to attempt them into successful field goals. He has also tried 272 three-pointers this season. That's the reason he can be your differential bet in this game.



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