MLB Bets: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Diego Padres

Author: Mansi


The postseason of Major League Baseball began after a lot more tension of health issues caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But with the help of bio-bubble & players, staff, team management, everyone involved in this season following rules & regulations given by the MLB Association we are now into the middle of this season. 

One unusual thing about this year’s season is no team is getting home crowd advantage as fans aren’t allowed in the park as a safety concern. But this didn’t have any effect on the player's energy, they all are playing with all their hearts out. Today, we are going to see some betting tips for one such match where the Los Angeles Dodgers will be taking on the San Diego Padres in a match that can’t be missed. So let’s move to know about this clash of the titans:

Players to bet on from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Max Muncy.

Max is the most experienced player for the Los Angeles Dodgers in this season. If the Los Angeles Dodgers have to win this game, then Max must play a phenomenal game. In total 50 games, he has played an average of .196 with a batting score of 179. He has smashed 35 hits so far & scored 31 runs on his name. 

Team management must be hoping for some serious & experienced kind of game from their trusty player. Max has an OPS rating of .718 this season which shows how important this player can be for the Los Angeles Dodgers. With experience in his hand, he can surely turn the game into his side. Bettors will undoubtedly bet on Max by considering his experience. That’s why you can’t drop him from your team as it will surely hurt your chances of winning the fantasy game.

Cody Bellinger.

Apart from Max, Cody is yet another most experienced player for the Los Angeles Dodgers this season. With the experience of 49 games in his hands, he can surely turn bets & odds into his favor. Cody is scoring points with an average above .220 showing how consistently he can perform when his team is in need. He has a batting score of 193 better than Max thus there are chances of him being betted more than Max for this game. 

Team management must be pretty happy with the combination of their two most experienced players this season. Cody has a slugging rate of .430 as well as an OPS rate of .737 that’s the reason Cody becomes an important bet while thinking of this game. Cody has also smashed 44 hits & registered 30 runs to his name this season.

Players to bet on from theSan Diego Padres-

Trent Grisham.

Trent has achieved the milestone of playing 50 games for the San Diego Padres in the last 2 games. With this record on his name, he will be pretty happy & will be eager to score a lot more points in the coming games. He is averaging about .260 in his last 52 games he has played. 

With a batting score of 194 & an Ops rating of .812, Trent is one of the decorated players for the San Diego Padres this season. With this kind of form, he is in team management and must be hoping for a quality of performance from their star & experienced player against the Los Angeles Dodgers. By considering his experience & stats he is having this season he can be a good choice to bet on. All the bettors will undoubtedly try their luck on Trent in this game.

Eric Hosmer.

Eric is another good find for the San Diego Padres in this season. He is getting perfect guidance from the experienced players from his team. San Diego Padres have the best combination of experienced & young players in this season. Eric has been part of this squad for the last 31 games & he is earning points with an average of .288 as well he also has an at-bat score of 120 while coming into this game. 

Thus, overall Eric will be a major difference between win & loss for the San Diego Padres. Team management must be hoping for a good performance from Eric & he will be pretty eager to play the same intensity of the game he is playing. And that’s the main reason to pick him in your squad as well as bet on him.

Final Words.

With the likes of the game being close, though you lose the bet don’t take it so personally and be ready for the next bet.



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