MLB Game Predictions: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants

Author: Mansi


The way this season is proceeding in the NBA, we are witnessing some fine and thriller matches this season. With all the teams having an equal chance to win the season we can expect more thrill games in the upcoming days. All the bettors and fantasy gamers must be happy with this season as they have got some moments to cherish in their respective ways. 

One such game is going to take place between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. As this game is expected to be high-voltage, some bettors must have started putting bets on this match. But those who are yet to put their bets on this game will be very useful for them. In this article, we will have a glance at the players you should bet on their recent forms and stats, apart from some fantasy tips. Thus, it will indeed be useful for you.

Players to pick from the Los Angeles Dodgers

Corey Seager

The Los Angeles Dodgers will be pretty happy with the game form of Corey Seager this season. The reason they are winning some crucial games is Corey. With the experience of 51 games in his hands, he is one of the most decorated players of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Corey averages about .310 in this season which makes him the most suitable player for any fantasy game. He has an at-bats score of 208 this season so far which is expected to increase as the season progresses. In the game against the San Francisco Giants, he will be the key player for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has 65 hits and 38 home runs registered on his name.

Justin Turner

Apart from Corey Seager, Justin can also be a real threat to the San Francisco Giants in this game. Justin has been a part of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the last 41 games in this season that shows how much faith team management shows in this player. In this season, he is averaging .311 that indicates how destructive this duo of Corey and Justin will be. Justin has an OPS rating of .867 whereas the Slugging rate is ranging from .460 to.470 if you look at his OBP rate which is approximately near about .400 you won’t risk dropping him from your fantasy game. 

Players to pick from the San Francisco Giants

Daniel Robertson

Daniel is the best find for the San Francisco Giants in this season so far. This youngster has played a total of 13 games in this season out of which he started in 5 games. In those games, he is averaging .333 points per game which is the highest average for any player from the San Francisco Giants. Daniel has an at-bats score of 21 in this season with 4 runs from 7 hits. He has an OPS rating of .750 whereas a slugging rate of .333 in this season. Daniel has also named 2 home runs to his name as well as has an OBP rating of .417 this shows how potential this player has in him. All the bettors and fantasy gamers will be surely going to pick Daniel in their team by looking at his stats. Thus, if you are dropping him from your squad you will be risking your chances to win the game.

Donovan Solano

Daniel is getting some expert tips from this player Donovan. He has been the most experienced player for the San Francisco Giants in this season. With 51 games of experience on his name, he can turn the situation in his team favor whenever a team will require the same. Being the experienced player of the side he has an average of .328 in this season. He also has an at-bats score of 189 that indeed indicates how valuable this player will be for the San Francisco Giants regarding points. 

When it comes to fantasy games, dropping him from your team can surely hurt your chances of winning the game. Donovan also has an OPS rating of .832 in this season and a slugging rate of .466 which shows how consistently he is performing in this season. He also has an OBP rating of .366. There are a total of 29 RBI`s registered to his name, and that’s one of the reasons to pick him in your squad. 

Final Words

With both the teams being equally strong you can expect a quality game between these two oppositions.


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