Will The Los Angeles Dodgers Beat The San Francisco Giants?

Author: Mansi


The season of Major League Baseball has been full of close and thriller games, this year. Every player played with the intensity to win the game and showed perfect enthusiasm. Though the season was postponed due to the COVID pandemic, it didn't affect any player's performance because they showed their real character and played some excellent games around this season. When it comes to scoring points, there is a very tight race amongst all the players to be on the top side of the table.

Now the Los Angeles Dodgers will be starting their three-game series against the San Francisco Giants in this season. The Los Angeles Dodgers have had some good outings this season compared to the San Francisco Giants. As all the bettors will be getting ready to invest their some money in this game, they will be looking for players stats, some facts related to this game, and the recent performance of all the players. So in this article, we will look at game previews, some key players from both sides, and the result prediction in this game. 

Team preview for Los Angeles Dodgers-

The Los Angeles Dodgers had a perfect last season where they didn't win the title but played an excellent game. They also broke several records at a franchise level. The Los Angeles Dodgers broke the record set in 1953 by the Brooklyn Dodgers of the most wins (105) in a single season in the previous season, where they went past that magical number and registered 106 wins. The Los Angeles Dodgers also won the most home games in the last season. But coming into this season, they are facing some key losses. One of the critical players, Kenta Maeda, has been traded to Minnesota Twins under the five players deal along with Jair Camargo. 

But while Leavitt had some key players, they also managed to get some new and talented players to their sides.  One such name is David Price. He is a Cy winner and five-star player; thus, his addition to the squad makes them a more substantial side this season. Apart from David Price, Alex Wood is back in the hunt with the Los Angeles Dodgers this season. This talented pitcher has a lot more potential hidden inside him. In the later part of the series, these two players will play some crucial roles regarding winning the game for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Thus, the team management will be happy with the team combination they have with them and will be eager to bang this season. 

Team preview for San Francisco Giants-

When any baseball fan hears the name San Francisco Giants in this season, they remember the storyline that Buster Posey is not available for them in this season. Last season was not that good according to his capabilities. He was all set to bang this season with his performance, but the shortened season made him take this decision. But it certainly hurt the chances of the San Francisco Giants to do some extraordinary things this season. As we all knew that the San Francisco Giants have a new manager this season in the form of Gabe Kapler, he will be pretty stressed with this news. Now he will have to plan the whole thing from start to end and rebuild the team Formation and combination. 

One of the relieving things for Giants is their youngsters. They have some young potential players like Mike Yastrzemski, Dereck Rodriguez, and Mauricio Dublin with them. So, they will be getting ready to bounce back more assertively in this season.

Result Prediction.

If we look at team lineups and recent performance of both sides, the Los Angeles Dodgers are expected to come out as a winner in this game. But as we all know, you can't predict the exact results of any game because every game is full of uncertainty.  

By looking at youngsters from the San Francisco Giants, they will be indeed eager to win this game for their sides. So, we can expect some good games between these two opponents, but chances of winning the Los Angeles Dodgers are on the higher side. 

Final Words.

Predicting the game is purely dependent on the team preview and players' stats. There are some chances of happening precisely opposite to what we expect because of uncertainty in the game. Hence, enjoy & have fun while accepting your result. That’s what we call a sportsman spirit.


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