Best Betting Picks: St. Louis Cardinals vs. San Diego Padres

Author: Mansi


Major league baseball is in real colors this season. Every team is playing with enthusiasm to win the game and fix their spots into the playoffs. Though it's not that easy a job to do, all the players are taking every possible effort to make it happen. 

Now two such opponents St. Louis Cardinals and San Diego Padres are taking on each other where we can expect some thrill of the game, but before the game begins on the ground there are some behind the scene things. Yes, you got it right betting. So, we will have a glance at players to pick for this clash and their recent performances.

Player to pick from St. Louis Cardinals

Y. Molina 

Molina has been the best find for the St. Louis Cardinals this season. This talented player has played three games in this season and scored points with an average of .462 per game. Molina has a batting score of 13 in this season with 7 hits and 2 runs to his name. Molina will be the crucial difference between win and loss against the San Diego Padres. 

Team management will be hopeful that Molina will have a good day against the San Diego Padres and make sure that his team goes home on a winning note. Molina has an Ops rate of 1.115 shows how good this player is and if you drop him from your fantasy team, it will surely hurt your chances of winning the game. His slugging rate is also ranging in between .610 - .620 so he is a must pick for the game.

D. Carlson

Carlson is playing some good supportive role for Molina this season. The duo of Molina and Carlson is doing some serious damage to their opponents. Carlson also has the same number of games that Molina has played. But the average of Carlson is .333 points per game that shows how consistently he is performing along with Molina. Carlson has a batting score of 9 whereas he has registered 3 hits and 2 runs to his name. 

By looking at this performance team management will be pleased with him, and they will indeed expect the same game from their talented player. And once again he is ready to deliver the same kind of game. Carlson has an OPS rating of 1.015 this season, whereas, the slugging rate of Carlson is .615. This Carlson becomes another must pick for you if you are playing fantasy games.

Player to pick from San Diego Padres

M Moreland

If the San Diego Padres have to win the game against the St. Louis Cardinals then Moreland is the key to their success. Because as of now Moreland is giving some extraordinary performance to his side. In the 4 games, he played this season he has an average of .500 per game that gives you an idea about his consistency. Moreland has a batting score of 8 as well as he had 4 hits and 2 runs to his name. Moreland has an OPS rating of 1.125 this season which is improving per match. 

As well as he has a slugging rate.625 & OBP of .500. By looking at his performance team management will be surely banking on him if they have to win the game. Hence, if you are planning to take risks by dropping him from your fantasy game this will surely be a setback for you concerning fantasy games.

J. Cronenworth

Croneworth have played two games more than Moreland in this season. He has been part of the San Diego Padres for six games this season. Croneworth is averaging about .389 in this season whereas he has a batting score of 18 making him more valuable than any other players from his side. He has registered 7 hits and 5 runs to his name in this season from six games this season. 

The Ops rate of Cronenworth is 1.209 which keeps on improving per game, so he will be the most important player while going in this game. Croneworth also has a slugging rate of .667, so picking him in your fantasy game will indeed fancy your chances of finishing the game on the winning note.  

Final Words:

You can't say very sure that these players and this team will perform very high in this game. What you do is just assuming that with data and records available with you. So rather than being upset over any loss, playing another game full of preparations can be a real move.



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