Top Picks: Houston Astros vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Author: Mansi


Major League Baseball is in full swing this season. Every player in a bio-bubble is enjoying teammates' company up to the max. However, in the group stage match, the Houston Astros are taking on the Tampa Bay Rays. This game guarantees us a high-voltage thriller. Likewise, bettors will be undoubtedly looking for help for their bets. That's why we are here with this article.

Top picks Houston Astros:

Kyle Tucker:

Kyle Tucker seems in good form this season. He had played exceptionally well for the Houston Astros. He had played 58 matches this year and performed very well. In those 58 matches, his batting average is 0.268. He had scored 33 runs, which are second-most by any other sin Houston Astros. He hits big hits in the last few matches. The number of hits he hit is 56, which shows his performance as well as consistency. He is one of the essential players in the Houston Astros. 

Kyle Tucker has registered nine home runs on his name and 42 RBI as well. You cannot drop a player with great form. He also maintains a reasonable slugging rate of .512, and that is the main reason for picking him as a hitter in your betting team.

Carlos Correa:

Carlos Correa is the second most crucial player for Houston Astros. He had played 58 games this year, and this year, he had hit some phenomenal shots for his team. Correa holds a batting average of 0.264, though it is also a good average for a consistent player. He had 53 hits in this season in which the home runs count is five, as well as 25 RBI.

Carlos Correa had a reasonable slugging rate of 0.383. We can expect more miracles from him in the upcoming matches. You should pick Correa for your fantasy betting team. 

George Springer:

As per the game stats, George Springer has the second-highest slugging rate, which is 0.540. He is also a good option for betting. Goerge had not to get to play more chances compared to Tucker and Correa; Springer had played for 51 matches but, the stats show that he gets a chance to play for his team. He will perform well for sure. 

George Springer had registered 37 runs on his name. In those 37 runs, he hit 14 home runs. You might have to take a chance to pick him in your fantasy team. 

Top picks Tampa Bay Rays.

Brandon Lowe:

Brandon Lowe is the most essential in Tampa Bay rays. Branded had played 56 matches for Tampa Bay Rays, in which he's batting average was 0.269. Brandon Lowe has played exceptionally well for his team. He must be in your fantasy team for betting. Brandon has registered 36 runs on his name in which he hits 14 home runs, which are the highest of his team. He has a reasonable slugging rate of 0.554, which shows he is in good form. He also holds 37 RBI. Among all, Brandon Lowe has to be in your fantasy betting team. We can expect more from him in the upcoming matches. 

Willy Adames:

Stats show that Willy Adames is right in the form. He has played 54 games for Tampa Bay Rays this year. In those 54 matches, Adames has done some phenomenal work. He had registered 48 big hits on his name in which he had hit eight home runs. Willy Adames has a batting average of 0.259.

He is holding an average slugging rate, which is 0.481 likely RBI (Runs batted in) count is 23. His performance in the last few matches was outstanding. We can expect more from him in the upcoming games. Willy Adames is the right option for your fantasy team.

Joey Wendle:

Joey had not to get many chances as compared to Adames and Lowe. But he had performed well this season. He had played 50 matches and filled big numbers on his scoreboard. Joey had to hold a batting average of 0.286. He is known for his hits this season. Joey had hit 48 hits in which he had taken nine doubles and two triples. This year Joey had registered four home runs on his name.

The stats show that he is in excellent form, and we can expect more miracles from him. He should be on your fantasy team. His slugging rate is 0.435, which is also good. Joey Wendle is a good option for betting.


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