MLB Predictions For Bettors To Ensure Best Pick To Bet On

Author: Mansi


Major League Baseball has its ups and downs this season. However, every team is looking for an upper hand over their opponents. Now, with all the teams playing for a playoff spot, the competition has increased. As competition increased, it also made a significant impact on the player's performance. Every player is giving their best while performing for their teams. In this increasing heat, two super hot sides Tampa Bay Rays and Houston Astros, are all set to take on each other. 

Considering the players' set, both sides would be one of the best games this season. Despite the season being short-handed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it didn't affect any player's enthusiasm. They have delivered for their teams whenever required. In this article, you will find team previews for both sides, their key players' performance of key players, and game prediction. However, this could be a game where bettors will try their luck to make sure they grab one of the biggest loots of this season. 

Team preview for the Tampa Bay Rays 

Last season was one of the best seasons for the Tampa Bay Rays. They won 96 games in the previous season. They have entered this season with the same kind of intensity they had in last season. They have the best bullpen of this season touching 100 mph. They made it into the postseason after 2013 & will be happy with this result. However, they would love to end the postseason on a winning note. With the kind of team they have on paper, it's impossible to beat them on any day. 

The pitching staff is one of the strongest pillars Tampa Bay Rays have this season. Team management must be happy with the kind of performance their team is showing this season. Tampa Bay Rays must be concerned with bullpen performance in the last outing. They would undoubtedly look forward to improvement in this department. However, this won't be that much troubleshooting for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Key player for the Tampa Bay Rays

Brian O'Grady 

The passing unit of the Tampa Bay Rays is completely banking on Brian. However, he has delivered for his team whenever required. Brian has played two games this season and is averaging .400 per game. His average speaks on behalf of him, and that's his advantage. Brian also has an OPS rate of 1.000 this season. With this performance team management must be expecting the same intensity of game from their key player. 

Team preview for Houston Astros -

Just like the Tampa Bay Rays, Houston Astros also had a great previous season. They won 100 games three times in a row.  The Houston Astros will undoubtedly look for a better finish to this season as well. The Houston Astros has many departures this season regarding players. They have lost Gerrit Cole this season while trading. However, the exclusion of Collin McHugh & Wade Miley had made their offense-defense weaker up to certain limits. 

Likes of Will Harris & Robinson Chirinos is highly rated for trading purposes. On the contrary, they have added two-star players to their side this season. Dustin Garneau & Austin Pruitt will be newly traded players for the Houston Astros. Therefore, the team management will be pretty eager to see the contribution of newly signed players for their new sides.

Key player for the Houston Astros 

Alex Bregman 

Alex has played some wonderful this season for the Houston Astros. If you are playing fantasy games then Alex is necessary to pick for you. He is the most valuable player for the Houston Astros this season. This 25 years player has some good potential in him which is useful for the Houston Astros. Team management is too happy with the performance of Alex this season. However, they will expect the same kind of game against the Tampa Bay Rays if they have to win the game.

Result prediction for this game 

This game is likely to be a high-voltage game considering the players from both sides. However, this will be a pretty tough call to predict the exact winner. But looking at this season, Tampa Bay Rays are having quite a decent campaign this season. Therefore, they are expected to come out as a winner for this clash. Likewise, the Houston Astros also can turn results in their favor in no time. Hence, they also are equally favorite for this clash.



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