Key Team Preview For Major League Baseball Teams

Author: Sonali Pathak


Major League Baseball is giving some good games this season with a lot of thrill involved. However, the season being short-handed due to the COVID-19 pandemic has some effect over this season. Because fans aren't allowed to enjoy the game from the stadium as a safety measure. Likewise, there is no more advantage of home games to any other teams. 

As the season is progressing, the Colorado Rockies are all set to face the Arizona Diamondbacks. This game promises to be one of the high-voltage games of this season, but there are some facts one should look for while going into this game because bettors and fantasy gamers would undoubtedly be looking for such kinds of help. Therefore, this article would be helpful for all of them.

Team preview for the Colorado Rockies 

The Colorado Rockies are coming into this season with good momentum. Last season they went on to win 97 games. However, it was their second-highest number of wins in the history of the franchise. When it comes to team combinations, they have very decent players with acceptable averages throughout the season. Colorado Rockies have managed to retain their core group amidst the trading pattern. But their main woe while coming into this game would be out of form Blackmon. 

Team management tried to shift his position from center field to the right, but it went in vain. Therefore, they might opt for dropping him in this game, which could be an absolute blinder. Apart from this one blinder, they have had a pretty decent performance this season. However, on any given day, their players can do the maximum damage to any of the opponents.

Team preview for the Arizona Diamondbacks 

As compared to the Colorado Rockies, the Arizona Diamondbacks are having a pretty opposite season. They have failed to make it to the playoffs since 2018, which must be itching them. In last season they were almost in the bottom half of the table due to the inability of players to convert good starts into some fine knocks. However, they have retained the same players this season and were part of the squad last time. Team management is undoubtedly hoping for a good comeback from their players. While looking at head-to-head records between these two sides, it's pretty equal for both the teams. One of the significant losses for the Arizona Diamondbacks will be the absence of Corbin due to some uncertain reasons. However, they are likely to miss him as their senior player in a must-win game like this. 

Player to pick for in this game 

Starting Marte 

Marte would be the crucial difference between win and loss in this clash. With his all-around performance this season, he has become an asset for the Arizona Diamondbacks. This season, Starling Marte has played 33 games for the Arizona Diamondbacks, in which he is averaging. 311 per game, which shows his stability and consistency this season. He has a batting score of 122, whereas 22 runs from those 33 games. With this man being in a form, he can be destructive for the Colorado Rockies. 

Likewise, if the Colorado Rockies have to win this game, then what they have to do is just put a hold on this man.  

Final Words:

This game promises us a high-voltage drama considering players' performance. However, there is uncertainty about whether any team will make some blinder calls to choose the opponents. Therefore, you can enjoy the game with sportsmanship. Because both sides have substantial fan bases, there would be word banter all across the social media, which will undoubtedly give more fun as a game part only. Baseball fans must be happy with the return of these two teams against each other. Though if you lose any bets on these games, don't get me motivated; instead, play another one to win.



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