MLB Best Picks: Atlanta Braves vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Author: Mansi


The Atlanta Braves, one of the finest teams of this era, are ready to take on the Los Angeles Chargers, who are known for their dominance over opponents. With this game being important for both sides, we can see some words banter and high-voltage moments at any game stage. However, the game is incomplete without any fantasy games and bets are introduced. To all such people out there, this article will be useful for you to check which players you should keep in your fantasy team that can be beneficial for you. However, you can see their stats and recent performance in the same article

Players to pick from Atlanta Braves

Dansby Swanson

Dansby Swanson is one of the best players from the Atlanta Braves. He had played exceptionally well in this season for his team. This year he had played 60 matches. In those 60 matches, he had scored ten home runs, which are second-highest in Atlanta, Braves. Also, he had a good average of 0.274. Dansby had registered 35 RBI (Runs batted in) on his name.

He had a 0.464 sledding rate required for Atlanta Braves to win more games in the future. We can expect more consistency from him. You can consider Dansby Swanson for your fantasy team. 

Marcell Ozuna

Marcell Ozuna is the essential player from the Atlanta Braves for big shots. He's hitting techniques make a place for your fantasy betting team. Marcell had scored 18 home runs in 60 matches, which is highest in the Atlanta Braves. He also provides a reasonable slugging rate of 0.636.

Marcell had hit some best runs this year for the Atlanta Braves. He had registered 77 hits on his name, most by other players in the Atlanta Braves. However, his RBI (Run Batted In) is 56, which is the highest on the team, makes him an excellent choice for your fantasy team.

Freddie Freeman

If you are looking for a good frontline attacking player from the New York Yankees, he is none other than Freddie Freeman. Even though he had played 58 matches in this season, he had played phenomenally for the Atlanta Braves. He had made the place on the scoreboard after Marcell Ozuna. Freddie also had hit huge shots this year. He had scored 73 hits on his name. In those 73 hits, the count of home runs is 13. 

Freddie Freeman provides the best slugging rate of 0.640, which is the highest in the Atlanta Braves, making him a perfect choice for your fantasy betting team.

Players to pick from Los Angeles Dodgers

Corey Seager

The Los Angeles Dodgers had played only 18 matches this season; that's why the prediction was difficult. But, if you are looking for a consistent player in the Los Angeles Dodgers, only one name comes in front of Corey Seager. Corey had played 18 matches for his team. In those 18 matches, He had hit the highest number of hits, which are 22. Corey had scored eight home runs with a batting average of 0.328, which is the best average in Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Corey Seager provides a slugging rate of 0.746. Dropping a player like Corey is a huge loss for your team. It would be best if you went for Corey Seager for your fantasy team.

Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts has some good outings in a baseball yard this season. He played 18 matches this season for the Los Angeles Dodgers. In those matches, he scored 15 runs in which he had scored two home runs. Mookie is providing a good batting average of 0.296, which shows he is a consistent player. The stats show that the slugging rate of Mookie Betts is 0.493. He is suitable for your fantasy team. You can expect more from him this season.


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