Carlos Correa & Yandy Diaz: Top Picks For MLB Game

Author: Mansi


This season of major league baseball has given many people a reason to cherish in the year 2020. Despite being in pandemic situations, people are enjoying the game from home and supporting their favorite teams, and fans. However, players aren’t and leave any chances to entertain their fans and make sure they smile and smile wide. As the season is proceeding towards the end, we are witnessing some thriller games. 

Every team is trying to become superior to their opponents. Likewise, every player is hopeful of performing high for his team. In such situations, two of the consistent teams of this season, the Houston Astros and Tampa Bay Rays, are all set to face each other in this clash. As players will be preparing for this game, bettors would also be getting ready to invest their few bets. Therefore, to provide them a helping hand, this article will be much useful. In this article, you will find players you should pick in your fantasy team for this clash. 

Players to pick for this clash 

Jose Altuve 

Jose has been one of the most consistent players for the Houston Astros this season. With him being in good form, the team finds it straightforward to win over their opponents. In the last 13 games he played for the Houston Astros this season, he is averaging nearly .375 points per game. This average shows his consistency in this season. Jose has a batting score of 48, and he will likely be crossing the figure of 50 in this game only. With such tremendous stats, he also has an OPS rating of 1.229; this gives you an idea of why he should be on your fantasy team. Jose also has a slugging rate of .729 and an OPS rating of .500. 

Team management is delighted with his performance this season, and they are expecting one more cracker performance against the Tampa Bay Rays. With so many positive facts, one can drop him from their fantasy team by mistake only. Therefore, if you are one of them, then it would be a bad day for you in betting.

Carlos Correa 

Carlos is giving a perfect helping hand to his fellow teammate this season. He has played the same number of matches that Jose has played. The average of Carlos in those 13 games is .362, just less than Jose. This surely means that both these players are giving nightmares to any of the opponents. Carlos has a batting score of 47 this season, whereas he has seven runs and 17 hits. As the season is progressing, his statistical data is going on the upper story only. Therefore, with so many abilities in himself, he becomes a useful player for your fantasy team. 

Carlos also has an OPS rating similar to Jose, which is 1.221. This, similarly in their stats, shows a combination of both players. This is what is essential for any team management. Therefore, in a game against the Tampa Bay Rays, you can't miss these two players. If you are taking risks by dropping them, then it would be a tough call, and you might have to pay for this. 

Yandy Diaz 

When both the sides would be playing against each other, Yandy would be the most experienced player from both the sides in that game. With an experience of 34 games, he can quickly turn the game in his favor. With him being in the right touch, and excellent knowledge, the management of Tampa Bay Rays is pretty relaxed. In 34 games, he is averaging .307 points per play, showing what experiences can do in the critical stage of the game. His ops rating is also 0.874 this season. Therefore, if you are looking for an experienced contender with a good record this season, then Yandy Diaz would be one of the best choices you have in this lineup. 



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