Which Among Will Be Top Pick Of The Week: Crew vs. Fire

Author: Mansi


We are entering into the new week of Major League Baseball where we can witness some fine games from each team. However, there is a cat race between the Columbus Crew and Chicago Fire for this week. With players getting eager to book the playoffs spots, games are getting too tight. As these two teams will be facing each other, the fight will be very intense to become the top team for this week. Here are some stats by which one can predict which team will be better in this coming week and for what reason.

Columbus Crew:

Columbus Crew had 23 matches this season, and their players played phenomenal for their team. They scored 34 goals in those 23 matches. Columbus Crew has more chances to go forward this season.

Gyasi has played exceptionally well this season for his team. Gyasi was selected for 21 matches this season by the Columbus crew, but 20 games had started. In those 20 matches, He had scored 12 goals for Columbus Crew.

Gyasi also had four times assisted the goal this season. The above stats show that he is the most consistent player from the Columbus Crew. 

Pedro Santos is the only name that comes after Gyasi Zardes. Pedro has done an excellent job for his team this season. Not concentrating on the count of goals he makes, he had focused on assisting the goals too. The Columbia Crew must feel grateful for having players like Pedro Santos. Pedro has played 22 matches for the Columbus crew this year. In which, He scored six phenomenal goals for his team. As mentioned, seven goals were assisted by Pedro this year. Also, he had got four times the yellow card, but it is acceptable in soccer. 

Chicago Fire:

This season Chicago Fire has played 23 matches. Players like Robert Berić, Fabian Herbers, etc., have done an excellent job for their team and given a tough competition to the opponents. Chicago Fire has scored 33 goals this season.

Robert Berić is one of the most consistent players in the Chicago Fire this season. Robert has done an excellent job for his team and won matches as well. Robert has played 22 games this year. In which he registered 12 goals on his name, which are most players in Chicago Fire.

He also had assisted one goal for his team. He has played for 1926 mins on the field. This shows his dedication to the game.

Fabian Herbers has also played great this season for Chicago Fire. After Robert Berić, Fabian scored four goals. He has played 18 games this season. At the same time, he had played for 1300+ mins for Chicago Fire. He had gotten six times a yellow card, but the goals he scored made him a great player for the Chicago Fire.

Djordje Mihailovic has assisted seven goals this season. He had played for 14 matches for Chicago Fire, in which he registered two goals on his name. Chicago Fire needs more players like Djordje Mihailovic. He has got a one-time yellow card in one match. 

He had played more than 1100+ mins on the field for his team. 

Final Words:

The stats show both teams are good in their performance. But considering the goals and assists, The number of assist count of both teams are the same. But the count of goals varies from 1. Columbus Crew is leading in the goals category. Considering the stats, Columbus Crew is making a place in the finals. There is a risk of betting for the Chicago Fire. The players are not scoring goals this season, so investing in Chicago will not be worth it. The bettor who wants to bet in the MLB should go for the Columbus Crew. Columbus Crew would be the best pick for this week.



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