Negro Leagues Elevated to 'Major League' Status

Author: Sonali Pathak


The whole world is suffering from the Coronavirus. The government has partially locked down the nation and not allowing viewers to watch the NFL league live. The management had taken a decision and started the NFL season without an audience. And the season has started the same as the previous one. Viewers watch the season regularly and support their favorite team socially. We are in the 10th week of the NFL league, some of the best teams are going to face off. Buckle up to watch one of the best matches of the NFL Football league this week. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Carolina Panthers:

Buccaneers have played phenomenal this year. Although matches were canceled at the starting of this season, Buccaneers still had performed very well. Tampa Bay Buccaneers had played none matches till now and won six games against the great opponents. At the same time, the Carolina Panthers did not satisfy their supporters. The Carolina Panthers lose the matches consecutively. Panthers also had played nine games in this season but won only three of them with a significant difference. Looking at both team's stats, the Buccaneers could win the game on Sunday with the Panthers easily.

Teddy Bridgewater from the panthers is one of the most consistent players in his team. He played all nine matches this year. And performance exceptionally well. But the rest of the players were not playing well. On the other hand, players from buccaneers were looking for a chance to shine. Tom Brady, Ronald Jones, etc., these players had done miracles while playing. 

For fantasy, it would be great to bet on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You can easily win the bet if you go for Buccaneers.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Green Bay Packers

This season's Jacksonville Jaguars performance was not expected for their supporters. Jaguars have consistently lost the matches after the first match with a considerable difference. The Jaguars have beaten Indianapolis in their first match, but then they underperformed. Jaguares had played eight games this season and won a single one. At the same time, the Green Bay Packers have done miracles. They played for eight matches against all opponents and won six of them with a huge difference. 

The consistency of the players from Packers shows in the stats table. Both Aaron from Packers played phenomenal this season and scored the highest count touchdown in the team. At the same time, James Robinson is an excellent option for rushing in the jaguars. Robinson also provides an incredible average of 80.7 yards per game. This match will be one-sided because the Packers had not won matches compared to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Considering Green Bay Packers for fantasy would be a good idea. No need to make more efforts in choosing a team for betting.

Houston Texans vs. Cleveland Browns 

The Cleveland Browns played excellent in the whole season. Baltimore had beaten the Browns in the first matchup. The Browns had kept their face-up and had the guts to face off against all the opponents. The Browns had played eight matches this season and won five of them. The count of won matches is less, but in front of Houston Texans, it is not bad. The Houston Texans had also played eight games. In those eight games, the Texans won only two. 

Deshaun Watson had played excellent for his team. He had scored more than 20 touchdowns. Also, David Johnson scored more than 20 touchdowns while rushing. Most of the Cleveland Browns players' players provide an average of more than seven touchdowns per game. This match would be interesting. Both the teams have to win this game. Efforts from Houston Texans would be watchable. The Browns should give a tough competition.

The Cleveland Browns are a great option for fantasy. Sunday's game will be won by the Cleveland Browns. 


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