Will The Padres Win The NL West Next Season?

Author: Sonali Pathak


The NL West tournament of this season was quite well for every team. However, the San Diego Padres finished their postseason against the Los Angeles Dodgers with a winning note. In their last game, the San Diego Padres won the match by a 12-3 margin. However, with this margin, they raised the expectations from their sides for the next season. With many talented players on their sides, the team management hopes for better performance in the next season. This season wasn't meant for the Los Angeles Padres. 

With two of their prime pitchers getting injured, they lost confidence in that phase only. However, with those injuries, the team had a significant setback as they suffered from some substantial marginal loss this season. In the third game of this season, the team had some exceptional performances. However, their pitchers managed to post a record of the maximum number of pitchers used in a single game. 

They used a total of 11 pitchers in innings of nine games. At bats, the section was pretty decent for the San Diego Padres. However, their pitching department let them die in each match. With the at-bat section being their savior this season, team management must be thinking about securing their pitching section for next season because that will be their only concern while moving forward.  

While talking about the team combination, the San Diego Padres had one of the best team combinations of the decade. All-in-all, this was not a bad season for the team. But they failed to express the same game into the season. This would probably have hurt them on the big screen. This team always had more expectations from their fans. However, this season was different from other seasons. 

Just like the year 2020, this was a complete waste season for them. The San Diego Padres ended their long run of qualifying into the playoffs. This is after 14 years that they managed to make a place in the playoffs. However, they also sealed a wild card entry against the St. Louis Cardinals. Later on, they went on to win the game against the St. Louis Cardinals.  

Against the St. Louis Cardinals, the San Diego Padres had one of the best performances of the season. The San Diego Padres set the record of the most number of consecutive matches along with the grand slam. Tatis had one of the remarkable seasons of his life. However, this turned the luck of the San Diego Padres in their favor only. 

Youngsters are the real power of the San Diego Padres. However, the team management has always shown faith in their youngsters, which in return now pay for them. Most of their players are ready to do the best they can for their sides. 

In the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers game, the Los Angeles Dodgers were trying to be superior over them. However, the San Diego Padres turned the table within a fraction of seconds and made sure they won the game, and they won big. 

Final Words:

It is always tricky to predict any team's performance for the next season, that too based on the current season. But this is a little easy in the case of the San Diego Padres. Looking at the team combination and body language of all the players, one can easily say that this team would undoubtedly do their best in the coming season. However, this is possible only because of the team management they are having. 

They back their players and make sure they perform at a big stage. With a maximum number of youngsters in the team, it's always easy to be on the winning side. Because every other youngster can turn the game in their favor with their newly developed skills, this is where the San Diego Padres get entirely different from the other sides. However, because of these reasons, the San Diego Padres may win the next NL West.



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