What Will Be The Baseball Future Of DJ LeMahieu?

Author: Mansi


We all are aware of the fact of the covid-19 virus. This virus is locked down all over the world. However, mother nature taught humanity to us in this pandemic. Every country sets strict rules for this pandemic. Almost every human on this planet is praying for the vaccination. But till that, we have to take care of ourselves. As this virus is affected by human beings in the same way, this virus affected every sport globally. The most popular games like Baseball, football, basketball, etc. matches were canceled before. Still, after taking control of this pandemic, the government decided to take this tournament without the public's presence.


The government allowed them to play games without fans. However, an empty stadium looks like hell for all baseball fans. Therefore, fans are cheering their favorite team from home. Every fan is encouraging their favorite player from home. They are watching their favorite player on TV and entertaining themselves in this pandemic situation. Despite this, players are performing well to entertain their fans and trying to win this 2020season.


From 2019 there is one of the most famous players in the history of baseball is DJ LeMahieu. He is setting the next level for the baseball future. By performing best in every match, he knows he has the best baseball future as he develops his skills to become the best beast.


Currently, LeMahieu is playing for the team New York Yankees. And every fan knows it is possible to lose their fan-favorite DJ LeMahieu. Yankees are trying their best to keep him in their group. But on the other hand, there are more chances that they will lose him, and we have to see the Yankees without the Yankee star.


The fact is that DJ LeMahieu has been one of the best Yankee players from the past two years. In these two seasons, he proved he is the best batter in baseball. He won all batting titles in both American and National Leagues. Hence, his success has a double-edged sword. He increased his value in the past two years that he became too expensive to hold on him for the Yankees because of his bright Baseball future.


At first, he signed for the Colorado Rockies at the beginning of the 2019 baseball season. DJ LeMahieu saw this best opportunity to play for the team, getting him a world series win. And after that, he signed a two-year contract. And after ending that season, the DJ became a free agent. The new year Yankees picked him over the Yankee free agents to offer him for one year at $18.9 million, and he knows he is more than that, and he is sure to reject this offer before the deadline to make his baseball future brighter and better.


This will put him into the free-agent market to test the best value he can get so that the interested team will pick him. The new sole owner of the New York Yankees met him yesterday afternoon. He will demand more money than the previous contract, and for a more extended period. Some people are saying that it may be $100 million over four years. It is as high, Yankee fans should prepare for games after DJ LeMahieu. Yankees won't pay much to keep him.


Besides Dj LeMahieu, the New York Yankees have another two expensive players. These players are Gerrit Cole and Giancarlo Stanton. Despite this, their other problem is their pitching rotation. They have to reduce their threshold luxury tax. Besides LeMahieu, the New York Yankees have other options like Tommy La Stella, Cesar Hernandez, Whit Merrifield, Bradon Crawford, Jose Ramirez.


The Bottom Line

The New York Yankees have several options, but no one is compatible with DJ LeMahieu. They need to figure out their needs while making efforts to keep him in the upcoming years. However, the baseball future of LeMahieu is the brightest, and he will make history to become the costliest player in baseball history.



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