How Far The Chicago White Sox Will Manage To Go?

Author: Mansi

Every human being on the planet knows the current situation. The world is facing the pandemic of the Covid-18 virus. There is a lockdown everywhere. Every country is trying to control this pandemic. However, you can see this pandemic is affected by human life.

In the same way, this virus made a considerable impact on sports, and the respective fields. In the same way, this pandemic affected baseball sport. All matches are being played without fans. Therefore, all the stadiums felt that horrible silence for the first time in the history of baseball. 

Because when it comes to baseball, every single baseball fan encourages their respective team by cheering. That was the picture-perfect look of a baseball match. But despite these matches being played, every fan encouraged their team by staying at home. Every fan enjoyed all the games by watching them on TV. Therefore players could get enough courage to perform well. 

As we all know, baseball season 2020. However, the Chicago White Sox is the most trending team this year. The Chicago White Sox have ended their season in something of a whimper. They improved their winning percentage by 14 points and secured their place in the playoffs for the first time after a long decade. They won against Oakland in the wild card series. Still, some teams can give their best and promise to go into the 2020 campaign as the White Sox. And some teams are going as per their momentum. But to win and continue as a contender, the Chicago White Sox need to figure out some things. 

The first thing they need to go right is the Clubhouse culture. Recent history states that things like Adam and Drake LaRoche and Chris Sale are taking scissors to Sunday uniforms. But now Tony La Russa is in charge. However, we know his enthusiasm for bat flips. At the time of Chicago's ESPN 1000, someone asked about his ability to handle this clubhouse; they hung up. 

Another major thing is Eaton. He is with the team for one year, with a deal of $7 million. From 2014-2016, he was with the Chicago White Sox. He played nationals for four years. The main concern is the reputation he developed over the years and the attitude which doesn't help foster a positive clubhouse culture. If the Chicago white fox does this well, the next move is to replace Alex Colomè. 

They had a seventh-best bullpen ERA of 3.76. Colomè is going to be the free agent after one year. He had a deal of $10.5 million last season. Colomè tried to save 42 games for the Chicago White Sox, so they have to find another player with the same potential if they don't sign him for another year. The third thing is, the Chicago White Sox won in free agency in the past two winters. They made a big mistake by adding Yasmani Grandal and Dallas Keuchel. Because of this, they have to be dependent on the rotation with Lance Lynn. To remain on the top, they need to go even further. 

Now they have set their scale. Hence, they have an estimated 2021 payroll at $118 million per roster resource. And this is almost a hundred billion dollars below the luxury tax. So, they have to strengthen a deeper roaster even further. 

And the last thing is the Chicago White Sox needs a young army. They need growing players like Tim Anderson and Yoàn Moncada, which can become key to their success. To write a name on the winning trophy, they need the next round of young players to show similar growth. The players like Centerfielder Luis Robert and the second one is Nick Madrigal. 

So these are some things that the Chicago White Sox have to manage to continue this race. Stay tuned for further updates. 


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